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Jul 29, 2008 11:31 AM

Where in San Diego

could I find a great veal chop. I've got a birthday and a hankering for a veal chop both coming up at about the same time. I can't recall the last time I saw a veal chop on a menu around here, but I know someone somewhere in this city is doing a good one. Who has suggestions...

The DD

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  1. The Whaling Bar & Grill at La Valencia has had a veal chop on the menu for years. Last had it about a year ago and it was very good but looks like they have refreshed the recipe with a different sauce and and presentation. They also have a veal loin in the Mediterranean Room.

    1. Donavan's has a veal chop on the menu..Gaslamp or LJ
      Leo or Virgo?
      Happy Birthday to you DD!

      Proud Virgo Beach Chick
      September 16th..Mexican Independence Day!

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          Happy Happy Leo Girl..
          I second Baci's..they can do no wrong..

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            Donovan's has a great VC, and would make an elegant evening and setting for a Diva, a foodie one of course!

        2. I would think Cowboy Star might have a veal chop on the menu or at least in their butcher shop. But you could always call and ask ahead, most chefs enjoy customers who call in for specific orders with enough notice. I have a few who will call within a 4 or 5 days notice. Try calling a restaurant you like and frequent often, they should be more than happy to fulfill your birthday request...happy birthday!

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            I thought of Cowboy Star too, and Better Half. Neither list it on the menu, but I'll bet either would do it by request if you gave them some notice.

            1. re: sandshark

              PQB and Sandshark, thank you both. It did occur to me that it might be easiest just to pick a restaurant and find out if they could do one for me. I actually wanted to check out the butcher shop at Cowboy Star this weekend. If they've got it, I might just cook it up myself.

              1. re: DiningDiva

                That's what I'd do! Last one, made a rub of fennel pollen, spanish paprika, s&p and EVOO. Stuffed it with Manchego cheese and Serrano ham, grilled to medium rare, ummmm. Now you've made me hungry.

          2. ooh, and Laurel does a veal tenderloin - they might do a chop if you gave them a day or two heads up.

            1. I have never ordered it, but Baci has a broiled veal chop in roasted garlic sauce on the menu.


              Happy Birthday