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Please help me find good beer in cans!

I am searching for beer available in cans or plastic (no glass allowed) other than the usual suspects (Bud, Coors, Miller, etc). I have found Boddingtons, Murphys, Guinness, and Hobgoblin Dark Ale, but does anyone know about any microbrews? Preferably available in New England?

Thank you!!!

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  1. New England Brewery's beers are available in cans (including the fantastically named Sea Hag -- tastes great, actually), as are Brooklyn Brewery's lager and the Oscar Blues line, which includes Dale's Pale Ale, Old Chub Scotish ale and Gordon. A six pack or more of any of these beers would set you up right.

    1. If you go to the Oskar Blues website and click on "where to Buy", you see their distribution by state. Lots of places in new England region. For So Cal folks, they're partnering with Stone Brewery to bring Dales Pale into So Cal.

      1. Anything and everything from Oskar Blues.

        Others Im not sure if you can get but are great:

        Sly Fox

        Some of these you will be shocked came out of a can.

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          slyfox & butternuts for sure. makes me rethink the universe! :-)

          porkslap rules!

        2. Dales Pale is a good beer, I actually like it better in the can than on draft. Pork Slap in the can sucks.

          1. Thank you for the suggestions!

            1. Agreed- anything by Oskar Blues- but can be a bit expensive. I would skip Brooklyn Brewery- over-rated

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                Don't skip it until you try it. The Brooklyn Lager can is great.

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                  I wonder what the status of the Brooklyn Lager cans are, after the destruction of the canning line in the fire a few months back at Matt in Utica, NY. Some of their canned beers are being shipped to High Falls (Genesee-Dundee) in Rochester but I wonder if it's worth the added expense for what is already a contract brew.

                  (Not that I've ever seen them in NJ- where cans seem to be rejected by a lot the retailers.)

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                    I picked up a six pack of Brooklyn cans two weeks ago here in D.C. So they either have another canning location or have contracted someone to do it for them.

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                      Well, the can should list the brewing site (if other than Utica) and the date code should indicate when it was brewed. Don't know the TTB rules about brewing in one site and canning in another but I do recall that Matt had to get permission to ship their beer in bulk to Rochester.

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                        Brooklyn cans are available at Shea Stadium, where a can of bud is $7.50!!!

                2. Sly Fox PIkeland Pils is one of my favorite pilsners. It's very refreshing but very interesting to drink. It's a nice alternative to Prima Pils and it does indeed come in cans.

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                    The Pikeland is a tremendously underrated beer. Just picked up a case myself.

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                      I actually went to pick up a 6 pack on Saturday, but all they had was the Sly Fox Royal Weisse. Totally different beer, but pleasantly spicey and very good. It's not really my idea of a balmy summer night beer, though...

                  2. I'm a little late but I did post this last year:


                    Other tasty pilsners in cans include Pilsner Urquell (the cans are better than the bottles) and Henniger Brau.

                    Good luck.

                    1. Find the Oskar Blues brews. They aren't just good beer; each of their brews -- Dale's Pale, Old Chub (a Scotch Ale), Gordon (a 2IPA) and Ten Fidy (an imperial stout) -- are near the top of its class.