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Jul 29, 2008 11:14 AM

Troup House - Providence

I finally made it today, went for lunch. I was by myself so the only thing I tried was the escarole & white beans over grilled rustic bread, but that one dish was excellent, just delicious. A teeny bit of heat from crushed red pepper in the greens. I'll definitely be back. Short ribs on the dinner menu look tempting. Two guys sitting near me seemed very happy w/their meals.

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  1. The Troup House is great, and just around the block from me!

    Service can be a problem with the outside seating as the waiters jump back and forth from outside to upstairs. A problem easily fixed, but not accomplished so far. The food is excellent, having tried everything from calamari to the sausage and rabe to the lobster pasta.

    1. I'm planning on heading there for dinner or lunch next weekend. It'll just be two of us - would you recommend reservations? Also, is there a bar there (to have a drink before/after dinner) or is it beer and wine only?


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        I didn't go inside (if the weather's nice, definitely sit on that beautiful porch)....I also don't know about alcohol.....I was so tempted to have a glass of wine but I had to go back to work and knew I'd feel sleepy. If my BFF can find a babysitter, we're having dinner there tonight.

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          there is a full bar, one of the parlors in the house has been opened up and you can sit there before and after dinner for a drink...

        2. I went there two weeks ago with two foodie girlfriends and was very disappointed. Oversalted food, slow service, heavy and uninspired. We didn't have the heart to tell the chef when he came over to check on us. It was midweek, the pace was almost empty. I felt very guilty after selecting the restaurant based on positive things I read here.