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Jul 29, 2008 11:03 AM

pork belly - where to buy & eat in central NJ?

anyone buy know where i can buy fresh pork belly? i know niman ranch sells online, but is there a brick & mortar place in central NJ or by the jersey shore? also, where have you eaten great pork belly and how was it prepared?

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  1. They had it in the meat department at Whole Foods in Middletown the last time I was there (7/25). It is on the menu at Restaurant Nicholas but I haven't tried it.

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      I've had it at Nicholas, it's amazing!

      I've seen it at Whole Foods in Princeton too.

    2. The Belford Bistro serves an app. that I believe they called Butcher's Bacon which is braised Pork Belly - it's amazing.

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        1. The asian mkts on Rte 18 in East Brunswick and on Rte 27 in Franklin have pork belly- both whole and portioned out. Also the the buthcer at the Amish mkt in Kingston sells it.