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Jul 29, 2008 10:33 AM

Raleigh-Asian Food Court/Market on Capital

I stumbled across the asian food market & food court off of capital next to Fortune Palace. I only had a small amount of time & I got a Bahn Mi from the actual market. It was delicious but there were no hot peppers on it like the other Bahn Mi I've had-not sure if that is their style, or more likely they guy thought I couldn't hang.

What I am curious about are the few stalls in the food court area, what do they serve & what do you chowhounders recommend.


PS. Are there any similar establishments in the vicinity (I've only been to Grand Asia)

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  1. This is probably out of date by now, but it was a pretty good list of ethbic markets.

    1. The one I had from there last week did have the hot peppers on it.

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      1. I ate there very recently and yes, my bahn mi had peppers - although I think it was just days before the FDA said,"Oops, no fresh jalapenos now." Could that explain your missing peppers?

        While I liked the sandwich well enough and the value is exemplary, I do have a few points to make. If you want a sandwhich you need to order not at the food court, but in the market proper. I had no trouble making myself understood when I asked for no cilantro, but a request for no mayonnaise brought a confused reaction.

        Language barriers are a recurring problem. An order for 2 iced coffees resulted in 1 iced coffee and a pot of hot jasmine tea. On the upside, whatever brand of tea bag they use makes an unusually good tea. Figuring our where to order what was also made more confusing by language issues.

        There are take out menus available written in both English and Vietnamese. They list the usual assortment of pho, com, and bun dishes with sections devoted to "beer food," weekend specials, noodles, specials, and even kids' meals. My best suggestion, if you don't speak Vietnamese, is to get a copy of the menu, decide what you'd like, and simply point it out. I think that would eliminate the confusion.

        Has anyone tried any of their other menu items?

        1. By "Market", do you mean the grocery at the front of the area? If so there have been peppers when I've ordered. I've had no language problems what so ever in the grocery - most of the staff is fluent in English (majority of younger ones have lived all or most of thier lives in the U.S.), so have had some great educational conversations about ingredients. I don't think it was based on them thinking you couldn't handle it - they had no hesitation with me and I don't look tough!

          I've had a look-see at the food court stalls, but haven't been there at a time when I was ready to order...Most times it seems to act largely as a break area for the shop owners.

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            thanks for the feedback you guys--I've been on a "news diet" of sorts so I didn't even know that there was a jalepeno scare. I did get my sandwhich in the market proper & the young man spoke perfect English.

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              I have found that there is less of a language issue in the front then at the back where the food court stalls are. Last time I was there there was one young woman fluent in English at one stall and she followed me to the cafe so I could order there. It may depend on time of day and who is around. I am still unsure if all the stalls are diffrent ownership or the same owners.