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Jul 29, 2008 10:00 AM

Japanese Okanomiyaki and Chawanmushi in DC/VA area?

I'm looking for a Japanese restaurant that serves either okanomiyaki (Japanese pancake filled with meat, veggies, etc.) or chawanmushi (steamed egg in a custard cup with crab cakes and mushroom). Chawanmushi pic is at:

and a pic of Okanomiyaki is at:

I've been to many Japanese restaurants and they just do not carry it. Any ideas where to go?

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  1. They serve okonomiyaki during the Sakura Matsuri. Sorry, but I think that's your best bet in this area, unless you want to buy the mix for the batter (that I have seen at Daruma) and make your own.

    I've never seen chawanmushi in a restaurant in this area.

    DC does not have that many Japanese residents; therefore, there aren't that many restaurants that have Japanese foods other than the standards.

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      I was going to say the same thing.

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        it's really too bad. we could do well w/ a yakitori joint. and takoyaki!!! then i can stop taking day trips to new york. hehehe

      2. They have chawanmushi at Sushi Taro

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          wow cool, will definitely try it there.

        2. tachibana in mclean has chawanmushi.

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            great, thanks for the advice.

          2. For okonomiyaki, check Korean restaurants to see if they have "seafood pancake" on the menu. The Beseto food court in Catonsville has a seafood pancake that tastes just like the okonomiyaki I had in Japan (and also make at home), with chunks of squid and cabbage. I don't know if they provide kewpie mayo, but I don't care for that stuff anyway.

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              I second this bit of advice. The closest to okonomiyaki (other than home cooking) I've found easily has been at local Korean restaurants. I didn't know anywhere to get chawanmushi, though--I usually make my own. Thanks!

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                I couldn't tell from the pic what okanomiyaki actually was, but if it is in fact like Korean pancakes, then you can find it at most good Korean places, as "pa jeon" or "pa jun" or "pa jon". The seafood version is haemul (or hae mool) pa jeon. Ye Chon in Annandale has a good one in my opinion.

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                  Well, pa jeon doesn't have toppings like okonomiyaki, and the Korean pancakes are chock full of scallions, whereas okonomiyaki (that I've had anyway) has cabbage in the batter.

                  Some people refer to okonomiyaki as "Japanese pizza", but I've always thought of it as more of a grilled pancake, so I guess that's why pa jeon is an acceptable "next best thing" to me. :-)

                  I had a tasty one tonight at Woomi Garden in Wheaton, BTW. Dunno if it's authentic Korean hae mool pa jeon, but it sure was tasty!

              2. Not in the same area, but Famous Yakitori One in Baltimore does have okanomiyaki on the menu.
                I ordered it and didn't like the flavors, but I think its more an issue of me having a boring palate, rather than that it is not authentic, or not good. My friends, who are very adventurous eaters, loved it. Might be worth a try.
                Does anyone know if it is authentic?