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Jul 29, 2008 10:00 AM

Portland Thai & Indian

I have been in Portland for 3 years now, and have yet to find really great Thai or Indian food. I miss having my regular great take out/delivery places.

Tried Pok Pok, and enjoyed it, but it is a bit high end, and would love a place for regular take out. Any ideas?

Also, for Indian I have tried Swagat. Found it very mediocre.

Would love some ideas.


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  1. Thai Basil is an unbelievable food cart on sw 2nd and Oak, for $5 you get a great big entree, they throw in a iced thai tea and little yummy salad roll for free-super good deal. Also try Mai Thai in se, and Vindalho for awesome Indian food.
    Pok Pok reigns supreme for me, you can get take out at lunch at their food cart out front, for a cheaper but still tasty meal. Of course, I always end up getting their chicken wings, we call them the "crack wings" at our house, cuz you can't stop eating them...

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    1. re: sgj

      thanks for the suggestions. I haven't tried the food cart at Pok Pok. I didn't realize it was a cheaper version of the restaurant.
      I am so excited to try Vindalho. In fact I just might need to go tonight!

      1. re: alexa52

        Vindalho is great, but if you thought that Pok Pok was high end...

    2. Sivalaya Thai on SE Stark. Jose is the BEST and it's such a fun dining experience on top of the amazing and affordable food. Vindalho is also one of my favorite Indian places. - agree with reader below.

      1. Lentil Garden in Beaverton is so good that I just cannot stop going back every week. Their specialty is southern Indian cuisine, but they have traditional Indian dishes as well. They make THE BEST Chicken Tikka masala and Masala Dosa I have ever had. Not a glamorous place, but I always enjoy eating there. Lunch buffet (daily) is awesome too!

        1. I've heard that Swagat at Orenco Station is great, but the one in Beaverton is only mediocre. Also Chaba Thai on Sandy is good.

          1. I think the best "regular" Thai in Portland is actually in Lake Oswego: Dang's Thai Kitchen.

            For Indian, I like Tandoor Indian Kitchen in Downtown.