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Jul 29, 2008 09:32 AM

The Harrison or others for 30th Bday?

I am trying to plan a surprise 30th birthday dinner for my soon-to-be husband, who is also a trained chef. So, the bar is set pretty high. I had heard fantastic things about the Harrison, and their private room seems lovely, but now I've read some bad reviews on this board and am hesitant. Can anyone vouch for a recent meal there?

Any other suggestions? I am inviting 15-20 people and footing the bill myself, so I'd like to keep the price below $100 per head without drinks, service, etc. I'd also prefer a private room.


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  1. Sorry... my husband and I recently ate at The Harrison on July 15th and we didn't love it at all. Great atmo (we sat outside), but the food was disappointing, especially for the price. My husband had to send his lamb chop back for being inedible. And then they did nothing to compensate the fact that I had to eat my birthday meal without him or let me food get cold. We were disappointed... but some people seem to love that place. Maybe it was an off night?

      1. I can still remember when Spartina was in The Harrison location. We had dinner at The Harrison a few months ago. Despite the great PR, we didn't think it was great. We had one fish and grapefruit dish that was very good. It's unfortunate because we like to walk to dinner and have eaten our way through Duane Park's menu. What about Bacaro on Division (at the end of Orchard)? They have private rooms and the same owners as Peasant. We have eaten our way through their menu too and the food is very good.

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          Some of our Bacaro favorites include a cold sardine dish, duck ragout and radicchio lasagna with bechamel sauce, and their ricotta stuffed squash blossoms. Not sure if they have private rooms, but Rayuela (on Allen) has interesting food that might appeal to a "trained chef." We enjoyed our recent meal there. If you could get a reservation at Degustation (they have about 15 seats, no private rooms) and everyone ordered the $50 tasting menu it would be perfect!

        2. We go to the Harrison weekly..............have never ever had a bad meal there. I think its great for food and service!! Fish dish-- arctic char-- divine; Chicken dish-- fabulous!

          1. We just ate at the Harrison a few weeks ago for the first time and were thoroughly disappointed. It was just OK, not good enough for the prices they charge. My fish dish, the monkfish was very bland. The only good thing was the duck fat fries, but how can you go wrong with that. The desserts were forgetable and the service was indiffrent. I'd go elsewhere.