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Jul 29, 2008 09:00 AM


Anyone been lately? I haven't seen much on the board about them since the chef was named one of Food & Wine's top ten.

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  1. It's Gautreau's, FYI. But it's pretty fantastic. It's sort of clubby and secret-feeling, even though they have had such longstanding acclaim. The food is just so well-executed. The combinations are thoughtful and unique, and when they're this well-cooked, you just can't argue with them.

    I like it, if you couldn't tell.

    1. Great place. Ate there a couple weeks ago, and the meal was excellent. Service was, too. It's off the beaten path, similar to Clancy's, but the decor is a bit more elegant than Clancy's. We went on a Saturday night and every table was full.

      1. I brought some out-of-towners there a couple of months ago on faith (I had never eaten there before) and it did not disappoint.