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Jul 29, 2008 08:08 AM

Hungarina wines -both white and red -purchase in Southern CA?

Please respond if you know of wine stores carrying them for sale.

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  1. I assume you meant "Hungarian" wines?
    If that's the case, click here:
    Enter "Hungary" under Wine Name, USA / CA under Merchant State, leave Vintage blank, click Search.
    Hundreds of hits.

    1. You might want to try Jon's Market. I buy Romanian wine there all the time. They have a large selection of Eastern European stuff. Referring to the Santa Monica/Hobart Jon's. Haven't been to the others.

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        I second RicRios suggestion by using wine searcher, here are some you may want to look at their sites.

        Woodland Hills Wine Company

        K & L Wines - Hollywood

        Wally's Wine & Spirit - Westwood

        The Wine Club - Santa Ana

      2. Trader Joe's has of course had Egri Bikaver forever, but they have rather fitfully offered some more interesting Hungarians. One they've stuck with that I like - and I'm not sure I understand WHY I like it - is called "Woodsman's White." It's very dry, even a little sour, but with a lush floral scent sorta floating on top. Very odd. It's cheap, so I'd urge anyone to try it.

        The only other place I've consistently seen Hungarian wines, strangely enough, is at the Hawaii Supermarket in San Gabriel. I've bought a few very forgettable ones (they were cheap, I was curious) but I wouldn't recommend that to anyone else - the bottles aren't treated very well there, except for the really expensive ones in the locked cases, and even if it's OK stuff to start with it's probably been subjected to rough handling and wide temperature changes.

        1. I know I have seen Hungarian wines at The Wine Country in Long Beach. I think they have both red and white. They can special order things too

          1. Thank you all the very helpful responses. Apology about spelling / typo

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              Try Jon's Market on Hollywood/Vermont - they've got wines from Hungary, Romania, Chechnya and other Eastern European locations.