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Jul 29, 2008 08:05 AM

HELP!Mikes Bistro or Prime Grill?

I have a very special occasion this week and need to choose a place. My husband and I used to go out to eat a lot but are not able to any more. We are looking for a real Gourmet restaurant that knows what its doing when it comes to food. There was a place in Tel Aviv that we used to go to called Alahmbra that was French gourmet that really knew how to combine flavors to come as close to (kosher) perfection as we have ever seen.We want something that can compare with an excellent non-kosher restaurant. I have disqualified Solo as I saw so many bad reviews, though I saw just as many good ones-I cant take a chance. I read all the previous posts but since I know that these places have ups and downs, has anyone been to either recently? Also, Mikes website doesnt have any pictures, so is the ambiance better than PG?Its not as important as the food, but I do care a little. PG has aged meat so can mikes compare? On the other hand Mikes has that gnocci thats supposed to be amazing and I like the idea that its his place-that hes responsible for it being good and that he comes out to talk to you. What do you say?

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  1. Prime Grill has a gnocchi appetizer also. Mike's "ambience" is that of a small restaurant. Nothing about it is particularly fancy but all is pretty nice. Prime Grill is much more modern feeling, sleeker. I prefer Prime Grill's style.
    I also disagree with your take on Solo. The food is very good and the vibe is nice.

    1. Don't think Mike deserves the hype. We were the first customers of the evening a couple of months ago and didn't even get a look from him even though he was around. The food was just simple, nothing special. The gnocchi was great, but obviously the portions were small. Ambience-wise, it was quieter than Prime. We are still looking for what we used to have with Tevere. I wouldn't bother with Mike's.

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        What do you mean by "used to have at Tevere"?It's still the place that I choose for special occasions.

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          Very disappointed last time. Horrible service. Food not particularly impressive. Deep fried sweetbreads? Didn't clean the crumbs off before dessert. I could go on and on. We have been going for over 15 years so I feel comfortable dissing them. Ambience-wise, though, it is the best in NY.

      2. As I've written before, Mike's is all hype and does not deliver. Though the food sounds inventive on paper, it's just not that great, not even that good. Prime Grill is consistently amazing- the sushi and steaks. Also, I know ppl have mixed reviews about Solo, but the ambience is amazing. The food is great but very expensive and portions are small. I really think PG is the best of the lot. Abigael's is up there too.

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          What about La Carne ? Does that rank up there? I've never been to these restaruants... we don't even go out for pizza, generally.

          1. re: midasgold

            La Carne happens to be my favorite place to dine. I think the ambiance is far superior to Prime Grill. You can have a private meal without feeling you are on top of the person at the next table. I think the food is terrific and we have only received top notch service.

            1. re: sl96

              Agree on La Carne. Have been to PG, Abigails, Le Marais, Solo. Used to be big on PG, but that was before La Carne. The Delmonico steak is outstanding.

        2. Prime Grill is good, but loud. Mike's is much more intimate and the food is great. The gnocchi is incredible. I also loved the veal. I find the dessert selection at Prime Grill to be much better.

          1. I love the food and ambience at Tevere. Because it is owned by the Latanzzi family, I think that they try to keep its quality consistent with their other non-kosher restaurants.

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              I've only been to La Carne once but I found it to be underwhelming and the service to be pretty poor.