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Jul 29, 2008 08:00 AM

Merri-makers Catering

Has anyone dealt with this catering group or been to a function they've catered? The space we're considering for our wedding has them as the caterers so I was hoping to get some feedback. Thanks!

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  1. Merri-Makers runs hot & cold. I have been/used them for events which everything is spot on and other times there ahve been serious problems with both the food & service. Which facility are you looking at?

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    1. re: stack_c

      Thanks for the feedback. The venue we're looking at is PNC Bank Arts Center. I actually did read a review on by someone who was married there and liked the food. But I'm going to do some more research. I'd be really disappointed if we had it there and the food wasn't good.

    2. I can't say this is from personal experience, but Merri-Makers supplied food to the restaurant that took over the Quarterdeck on LBI. Everyone I knew who tried it said the food was terrible. The restaurant now is a catering only venue and when I drove by there on Sunday, I saw a Merri-makers truck in the parking lot. I thought Merri-makers also supplied food to the reception/catering place just across from the Dutchmans off LBI (can't remember the name of the place). You might want to post this question on They have a forum for weddings and it seems very active and I am sure you will get some responses.

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        Bonnet Island Estate is the name of the reception/catering place accross from Dutchman's. I have had food made by Merri-Makers and stack c hits it pretty much on the head from my own (limited) experience, but mschow is right, BIE is booked every weekend. There might be more info on the site she suggested.

      2. My son and daughter-in-law had their wedding at the PNC arts center about a year and a half ago. Merri Makers did a great job! The food was outstanding and the service was excellent. I highly recommend them.

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        1. re: lggfly

          I'm going to the PNC Art Center to check out the reception hall for my wedding, They were easy to work with? Any other feed back?

          1. re: Fina479

            Hi there,
            I'm looking at the Reception Center as well. Fina479, did you end up booking your wedding there? I'm trying to get a tour of the place this upcoming weekend and my contact has been very responsive, but now I haven't heard back from her in four days. How was the tour, if you went? Thank you!

            1. re: lynnace718

              We ended up having our wedding at PNC and absolutely loved it. The food was great, everyone was very friendly and helpful and we couldn't have been happier. People still mention how good the food was - must be a first for a wedding! :)

              1. re: LttlMichey

                Hi! Glad to hear. We actually did go with the PNC Bank Reception Center for next year. Thanks for your feedback LttlMichey! Now it's on to the flowers, dj, etc. :-)

        2. There are 2 different divisions of Merri Makers. The one who works with PNC, The Water's Edge and then their is M2, which is a bit higher end and they do off site catering and LBI. We used M2 for out wedding in LBI and the food was wonderful! What wasn't wonderful was our service at the end when they tried to add on a 1000 to our bill b/c they 'fogot' to add tax. Mind you we had a signed contract with them and we paid what was in the contract. They went as far as saying they would contact the local police and take us to court. We consulted a professional and our wedding planner who said by law they need to honor our contract and the threats were just horrid.
          So, in the end, we paid half out of good faith. The day of, they really were great! So, it's a hot and cold review.

          1. Very strong service, not the most creative culinary group but rock solid "corporate" caterer. Our experience has always had them delivering exactly what they say they will, the resources they sued are local and well trained, polite and pleasant. The food is priced well and well above average for a catering compnay this size.

            We have been to over ten weddings, multiple bar mitzvahs and of course countless PNC events they have done and have engaged them three times for different charty events we were responsible for or on teh board/comittee of and each time we were very pleased.

            If you love the space you will probably really enjoy your event with them

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            1. re: carlylecat

              My step daughter used them for her wedding at the Quarterdeck on LBI. Worst caterers ever!!!! I am serious. Supposed to be unlimited passed appetizers, well you only go them if you stood by the kitchen door. Can't comment on how most of them tasted as we never got any, and we were the bride's family.

              The keg of Coor's light was skunked at cocktail hour. We told them this. It was also bad upstairs. Think it was the same one.

              Mashed potatoes had were half frozen, rolls were stale, crab legs had ice crystals. Someone asked for two helpings of one item at the asian station and was told no, could only have one.

              It went on and on and on. It was the single worst dining experience I've ever had at any function. Made a billion times worse as we paid for part of it.

              We did address these issues, politely, over the course of the night and were given promises to fix things. They never did.

              Horrible, horrible, horrible.

              Oh, did I say I didn't care for them?


              1. re: KathyH

                Our neighbors on LBI attended a wedding catered by Merri-Makers at the QuarterDeck and they also said it was horrendous. Lousy food, sloppy service, just the worst event they ever went to. I must say that these are two very relaxed and unfussy people, so it had to be reeeaalllly bad for them to complain about it.
                Wonder it it was the same wedding as KathyH? HA HA

                1. re: mschow

                  Might have been. Was already two years ago in September. If the DJ was also horrendous probably was the same on. Merri-makers had nothing to do with the DJ. My son-in-law and stepdaughter chose him, he was a friend. Bad enough where you go to a wedding and the food is horrible, but if at least the music and booze is good then you can say you at least had a good time.

                  It was the single worst wedding I have ever been to. And I've been to a few that were down there on the list.

                  Plus it was very, very expensive, at least in my book.

                  And I am also a very relaxed unfussy person who almost never complains.

                  I was embarrassed to be part of the wedding.