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Jul 29, 2008 07:54 AM

good, reasonably priced pizza in HK?

I've been in HK for a few weeks now, and I've been craving some pizza, but all I've been seeing around town is Pizza Huts and Spaghetti Houses. I need some real pizza, a perfectly crusted margherita, mmm.... Do they have any authentic pizzeria here, preferably Neapolitan? Man, I'm getting hungry again.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. There's an authentic pizzeria run by Italians serving gourmat thin crust pizza at the lower level of the Soho district directly next to the escalator. Forgot the name but just 'follow the smell'!! Shouldn't miss it!

    1. I know this is a bit out of the way - but if you are in Macau - go to Il Teatro in the Wynn (opposite the Lisboa hotel) - they have wonderful pizza - thin crust - margherita - & with toppings, etc. I was amazed at the quality (it was comparable to some places I have eaten in NY if that means anything) - otherwise - Wildfire (several locations) and Pizza Express (several locations) have passable pizza (although a bit better than Pizza Hut, Dominoes, & Spaghetti House). There was a club/lounge that I had a decent pizza at in Soho as well - but I do not recall the name and the location - I was severely jet-lagged that night.

      1. Great pizza can be an elusive target in Hong Kong. The place that Charles Yu is talking about is Pizza Express (I think), and is easily located by the smell of garlic and tomato that permates the air as you walk by. I'm always tempted to stop in and eat when I'm in the area. The pizza is okay... it resembles the stuff you're looking for, but is a far cry from any of the pizzerias in Naples (particularly the crust). I haven't found anything better in Hong Kong so far, though, and my search has been pretty extensive.

        As far as the other chains go, Pepperonis is okay, as is Pizza Hut. Pizza Box is a Domino's franchise out here, but their cheese is this awful rubbery concoction (same for Pizza Hut, but maybe slightly higher in quality?). Good cheese and good sauce is hard to come by out here... Definitely try Pizza Express, though. I'm pretty sure they'll deliver through one of the various Island delivery services (Dial a Dinner, Ring a dinner, SoHo delivery, etc.).