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Jul 29, 2008 07:27 AM


Where's the best place in or around Philly for crabs? I've heard both good and bad about DiNardos....and know all about Chickie's.....where else is there?

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  1. The best crabs in Philly are at Byrne's Tavern in Port Richmond. They also have great wings and potato logs. They are cooked perfectly in old bay seasoning and cleaned for you. Just break 'em in half and dig in!

    1. Carson's has blue claw crabs. We took the boat there on Saturday and had such a great time. Nothing beats sitting on the water and cracking into a pile of crabs. The owner brought them out and let us wave goodbye before they went into the pot!

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          i think that's the one down off the ridley park exit, right? if i remember you just loop around to the right til you hit the water (and the restaurant).

          LOVED the setup but wasn't crazy about the food... but they didn't have crabs when i was there, so i think i owe them a repeat visit!

      1. Not sure if they are the "best" but Philadium has AYCE crabs Tuesday nights for $20... went last night and ate good crabs for a few hours.