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Jul 29, 2008 07:21 AM

Ad Hoc: No fried chicken; to go or not to go?

We have reservations at Ad Hoc next Monday night for dinner on our way back to the Oakland Airport. We are pretty certain that it won't be fried chicken night, since it was last night. We had a back up reservation at Ubuntu, but they cancelled yesterday, as they will be renovating their kitchen on Monday.

Should we keep Ad Hoc knowing there won't be fried chicken, or consider another place in the Napa/Yountville area? Keep in mind that we will already have eaten at Cyrus, Terra and Redd, and that we don't want something too, too heaving before getting on a red-eye that night. Thanks in advance.

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  1. this website:, keeps an archive of some of Ad Hoc's past menus if you want to get an idea of some of the other things they prepare.

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      Thanks for linking to me, nicedragonboy. The archive also includes a calendar with the fried chicken schedule. Basically, it's every other Monday and every other Wednesday on alternating weeks.

    2. I'd keep the Ad Hoc reservation. The fried chicken is excellent, but so is everything else they serve. Keep the reservation, call in the afternoon and find out what the menu is for that night and then decide. You could have a back-up reservation somewhere else which you could cancel if that night's menu doesn't appeal to you. Be aware, though, that Ad Hoc is a four course meal and their servings are generous so if you're concerned about over-eating before your long flight, that's also a consideration.

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        Lawdy Miss Clawdy, a reservation for fried chicken?

        That must be some fried chicken...

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          Other chowhounds say they eat a la carte at the bar. (They also do the fried chicken some Wednesdays, if you're in the area then.)

        2. Ad Hoc is good on non-fried chicken nights as well, but I probably wouldn't eat there if I wanted to avoid a heavy meal.

          Maybe think about heading down to Oakland/Berkeley early and having dinner at Chez Panisse Cafe, Pizzaiolo, or Camino?