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Jul 29, 2008 06:31 AM

NEW!! Cafe Laguna, what a delightful find in Mesa, AZ (Power/Baseline)

Set in a strip mall on the East side of Power Rd just South of Baseline I fell upon Cafe Laguna, a fry bread restaurant that opened last Thursday. I am guessing that they are "family owned" as it appears that the 2 young guys behind the counter were brothers.
Cafe Laguna is an "order at the counter" type place with about 15 (I'm guessing) tables.
Your food is prepared in front of you and you pay at the end of the line.

I had already eaten lunch but I couldn't resist one of their "Sweet Laguna's". I had the honey butter but you had the option of powdered or cinnamon sugar or just plain honey, also. OMG.......they fry the dough as you are standing there on a table top burner and mine was just awesome. Light, fluffy, and just the right amount of "crisp".

The menu is small and nothing is over $8.99. The party ahead of me ordered several of the meat versions and they looked delicious. They offer grilled chicken and steak as well as ground and shredded beef. They also have a veggie version.

Can't wait to go back! Has anyone else tried Laguna Cafe?

Cafe Laguna
2235 S Power Rd, Mesa, AZ 85209

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  1. I sent my gf there today to check it out - she really enjoyed the veggie fry bread (beans, tomatoes, lettuce, scallions, cheese, sour cream and salsa). She said they have punch cards where nine will get you a free one, and Tuesdays happen to be double-points day. So I suspect this will be popular with the lunch crowd in the area. Thanks for the heads-up aztami!

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