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Jul 29, 2008 01:05 AM

looking for great lunch in central/southern Tuscany

We will be staying near Pienza next week, and the four adults in the party would like to ditch the kids one day for a great long lunch somewhere in the general vicinity. It could be an agriturismo or fancier restaurant or really anything where the food is amazing. All the better if there's an amazing but obscure ruin or tiny church or some such thing to see nearby. Any suggestions?


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  1. Hi, between Pienza and Montepulciano is a restuarant/inn called La Chiusa - it is not inexpensive but has wonderful food and service – perfect for a long relaxing lunch. If the weather is good you can sit on the terrace outside under a huge tree with a view down the valley. At this time of the year I would suggest reservations.

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      I ADORE La Chiusa! What a great place! It's so pretty and the food is delightful. Very nice people, too.

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      1. There are a few suggestions on my Pienza trip report.

        I would go to da Toto at Lucignano and sit in the garden all afternoon. The food is amazing but don't bother with the carte, let Boris the chef choose. (In other words, have one of the set menus.) Marianna will look after you!

        A full six or seven courses is only 35 Euros per head - wine, water and grappa included.

        Go early, have a coffee outside the main porta and walk round Lucignano, which is a beautiful and unusual town.

        1. A great place for lunch is Oseteria La Porta in Monticchiello, which is just a 15 minute drive outside of Pienza. It's a tiny little medieval walled village and the restaurant sits right at the passage through the wall (i.e. la porta). They have a beautiful patio overlooking the Val d'Orcia and the food is devine. The village only has a few shops, but it's still a lovely little place to wander around