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Jul 29, 2008 12:54 AM

Sunday Chow Faves in PHX?

Saturdays are a good chow excursion day thanks to the downtown farmer's market, Vincents (in season) and most places being open.

But I've noticed Sundays can be a bit of a challenge due to many of the family/local places taking the day off. On my "to try" list are places such as Pizza A Metro, Stacy's, Classic Italian and others. On Sundays I find I have the time, but they are closed for lunch (or all day on Sunday).

I debated posting this as a topic, but thought it might be helpful - especially if you know of a place that does something extra on Sundays (brunch, bloody mary bar, etc). I also noticed the major paper's website often doesn't always list opening hours/days on their mini-reviews, so it might help those who see spots mentioned but might try and go there on a Sunday and find it closed or find a totally different menu.

For example, Barrio Cafe does a brunch menu on Sundays from 11-3. On the flip side, Tradiciones at the Ranch Market is business as usual in the regualr restaurant, but also has a festive brunch in their huge banquet hall, complete with music and dance performances.

Los Dos Molinos is closed on Sundays, right? But Richardson's is hopping. Fry Bread House is closed. Da Vang is popping. Feel free to suggest places that might be closed, or good places that are open, and/or doing something special. Thanks!

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  1. I'm not sure if Lon's still does their brunch in the summer, but we've been there a couple times for it in the fall and it's wonderful. Been a little while, though.

    Anyone know of a good dim sum place?

    1. Sierra Bonita Grill is always good for a Sunday meal.

      1. I'm guessing this week will be the first one, but I believe NOCA's Simple Supper is on Sunday's for $35. Details on their menu.

        Bourbon Steak has their Sunday Night BBQ.

        Have you been to Sugar Daddy's bloody mary bar on Sundays? Not very chow-ish, but fun. They also have brunch that day.

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          cool thanks for the noca post. I plan on going the end of august

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            Don't forget Caffe Boa on Mill's half price killer sangria on Sunday!