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Jul 29, 2008 12:41 AM

HATCH CHILE ROASTING 2008 Mark you're calendar

I want to start this thread to encourage everyone to add any Hatch Chile roasting events and to begin planning (making freezer space!) for lots of the fragrant green stuff. The chiles are usually sold in 30 lb.sacks, so perhaps some may wish to split with friends. This has become a summer ritual for us, and judging from the long lines, it has for others also. We get there early but still end up waiting in line(always hot) a couple of hours, exchanging recipes and BS'ing all about chiles and chile food with other chile afficianados and New Mexico expats while basking in the intoxicating fumes of roasting fresh Hatch Chiles. I live in a mostly asian area, so no stores that hold chile roasting events advertise in my local food ads, therefore I must rely on the kindness of strangers(usually Neta) to clue me in here on Chowhound to find my chile fix. Someone gave me a copy of the albertsons ad, identical to mine EXCEPT it gives chile roasting information which I will relate here. Big Saver market has had roasting in the past, and El Rey farms does they're thing made famous by Huell Howser. If you are traveling far to a chile roasting, call the store a couple of days ahead of time to confirm that atmosphereic or other conditions have not delayed they're arrival. Last year we bought 2 sacks of Hatch Chiles(Yes, still some in freezer) while under the influence of THAT smell of roasting chiles while waiting in line for roasting. I can't wait for more! Green Chile Cheeseburger: Toasted bun buttered only, whole filleted chile on each bun half, huge beef patty with melted Jarlsberg cheese. Simplicity. OMFG!!!

Albertsons New Mexico Hatch Chile Roasting 30 lb.sack $27.99 Free Roasting 8am-2pm

August 9&10 Rancho Cucamonga (909) 484-7237
August 16&17 South Gate (323) 569-1588
La Habra (562) 697-6442
August 23&24 Montebello (323) 888-2250
Reseda (818) 772-0010
August 30&31 Chula Vista (619) 498-5160

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  1. In the meantime... the Albertson's in Los Feliz has the little tubs of Bueno's chopped & frozen stuff. Which I used to make my own version of the legendary Blake's Lotaburger.

    1. Thanks for the heads up. Hopefully something will come up closer to the westside!

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      1. re: AAQjr

        That sounds FANTASTIC! I'm confused though are they going to be roasting at Reseda? And when?

        1. re: trojans

          Yes, they will be roasting at the Reseda store at 19307 Saticoy St.on August 23 & 24,same days as Montebello where I always go. Sorry for the confusion, my post reformatted when submitted. Take a large ice chest or plastic tub as the freshly roasted chiles exude lots of water, and may breach the large plastic bag they are in. Don't want to flood your car on the drive home!

        2. re: AAQjr

          AAQjr,don't let the distance deter you! On a weekend morning the traffic to Montebello is very light, and you can multi task as you will be only a mile or two from some of the best asian cuisine in the country. North up Garfield from Albertsons to Garvey Ave.or Valley Bl. for perhaps a Dim Sum feast, or a Banh Mi crawl, it's all right there.

        3. bristol farms is featuring hatch chile roasting at their manhattan beach store aug 16-17 11-5 pm, west hollywood store aug 23-23 11-5 pm and newport beach store aug 30-31 9 am-3 pm $1.99 lb unroasted, $5.99 lb roasted, no minimum. nice for people who can't store or use 30 lb sacks!

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          1. re: chez cherie

            Went to South Gate today and got my 30lbs of chiles for $28.00. Look forward to eating them, thanks for the heads up DWB

            1. re: trojans

              how was the crowd? how long did you wait? tia.

            2. re: chez cherie

              Chez cherie, thank you, thank you so much for posting the Bristol Farms availability. I saw this post with one hour to go, raced over to Manhattan Beach, and finally got some Hatch Sandia chiles (after THREE years of strikeouts).
              The chile roaster was long gone by 4:55pm but they look to have a good supply of loose chiles for $1.99 (don't know how long they'll hold that price). IIRC next weekend they may have some Big Jims :-) along with the Sandias. I made my point to the Melissas produce rep that they REALLY, REALLY need to improve the distribution and advertising of Hatch chiles.
              Last time I checked Bristol Farms wouldn't send me their newsletters because I don't live in an eligible zip code - translation, we're not affluent enough (but two miles away). Grrrr. The local Albertsons STILL doesn't have a clue (must be training at Kroger).

              1. re: DiveFan

                divefan--hooray! so glad you got some. i guess they are trying to have a "dry run" this time around...don't think they've done it in years past. they are sure keeping it on the downlow..i saw the ad on the back page of the (print edition) of the LA Times food section. when i thought i'd recycled that, i searched their website for quite a while, without finding a single mention of it. dug the paper out of the recycle bin, and noted the location and times. then while looking up the addresses, i stumbled upon a single mention on the bf web--which i can't even find anymore. maybe they weren't sure their supply would meet demand, or something...
                while the roasted chiles prices are considerably more than the albertsons events, i think it might be worthwhile if you had limited storage, or don't use that much chile, or want a mix of heat variety--my understanding is that at the albertson's events, it's 30 lb of one heat, no mixing, no matching...
                you mentioned that the roaster was gone--did they still have roasted chiles available or did you buy fresh? also, any idea what the crowds were like? (sounds like you got there after the hubbub, but thought it might have been mentioned). did it still smell like chile heaven?

                1. re: DiveFan

                  They had a few tubs of roasted chiles and plenty of the fresh variety which I got. There were no 'crowds' when I got there - the 'rep' offered me a sample and then started cleaning up.
                  You're right, the event is pretty well hidden on the web site They don't seem to have an email newsletter or RSS feed to subscribe to, but this is SOP for retail megacorporations.

                  1. re: DiveFan

                    Best thing is to throw them on the barbeque and roast them yourself then put them in plastic freezer bags and into the freezer until ready to use. The skin comes right off when you go to use them. I usually buy them now and then store for my tamales (chile con queso) at Xmas time. Works great!!!

                2. Sounds good, but what do you do with all those chiles?

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                  1. re: paprkutr

                    Search Recipes and/or ask for suggestions on the Home Cooking board :-).

                  2. went over to the west hwd bristol farms today and got a case of glorious chiles. i think the pricing was different (cheaper) than i recall the ad stating...1 case, roasted, was $30, and there were 14 dz plump, roasted beauties in a case. i know because i just finished bagging them for the freezer. now, what to make tonight with the inaugural dozen?...

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                    1. re: chez cherie

                      Chile verde, chile rellenos, huevos rancheros.