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Jul 28, 2008 11:37 PM

Late night Costa Mesa/Newport Beach

We will visit a concert in Costa Mesa (but staying in Newport Beach) this Sunday and looking for some places where we get some reasonable food afterwards (I guess around midnight/1am). If possible no junkfood.

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  1. Oki Doki and Anjin are both open late. Oki Doki call themselves an izakaya, although it's more a pan Asian small plates menu geared toward Japanese. Anjin is a couple doors down, and they do a very good yakiniku menu. Call ahead, though, not sure of the exact hours.

    I recently learned of a fusion sushi place called Irezumi in the Metro Pointe section of South Coast Plaza. They're open until 2. Can't vouch for the food because I haven't eaten there, but let's just say they have a roll they call the Kobayashi with a hot dog and yellow mustard.

    Oki Doki
    3033 S Bristol St, Costa Mesa, CA 92626

    3033 Bristol St, Costa Mesa, CA 92626

    1. There's also a Norms and Dennys open 24hrs if that's your preference.

      What concert?

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        I normally I would like to avoid something like Dennys. How is Norms ?

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          Norms is just like Dennys, except Norms has an orange sign. Anjin or Oki Doki are likely your best options. Unless you want to hit up a 24 hour mexican drive thru live Albertos/Alibertos/Alejandros (or whatever that place is called on Placentia and 19th street in Costa Mesa). There's a Jerry's Deli near South Coast Plaza, and I think that's 24 hours, but it sounds like your looking for something else.
          Is that newer place Mesa open late on Sundays?

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            Does any of the 24h mexican places stand out ? I libe in San Diego and you can get some decent food in the middle of the night here at some of those places.

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              Of the 24 hour Mex places, I'd send you to El Gallo Giro in Santa Ana. It's out of the way from the Pacific Ampitheater, but I think it's the best of the lot.

              Note that El Gallo Giro has some barstools and a counter where you can eat, but I always get mine to go. I can't deal with the really loud norteno music and the late night crush of people right behind that area. Even past midnight, it's a madhouse on the weekend.

              The places along 19th street in Costa Mesa can be good, but not so much the 24 hr taquerias. I'm not fond of the place on the corner of 19th & Placentia, personally.

              EDIT: Has anyone been the the Blue Beet near the Newport Pier recently? They used to make some solid late night tacos, but it's been years since I've been there.

              El Gallo Giro
              1442 S Bristol St Ste 1A, Santa Ana, CA 92704

      2. For good to great late night dining, Crow Bar, Three-33-Three and my new favorite A Restaurant all have late night menus.

        1. I share w/you the answers I received when I asked a similar question a month or two ago:

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            Thanks. Where did you end up going ?

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              We didn't.

              All the dancing around during the concert wore on me; I'm not the teenager I thought I was. So this middle-aged woman walked thru the OC Fair, had a strawberry Julius, and went directly home.

              Oh, the pre-concert fresh roasted corn was good, Mr OCAnn had the baked potato (meh).

          2. Being that it's a Sunday, your choices are minimal. But, the Chowhounds know!

            I know the kitchen at the Villa Nova on PCH in Newport Beach is open every day until midnight. And, a veteran piano player is there on Sundays, so the people are there partying. Villa Nova is a pretty friendly place.

            And, a poster mentioned, 3-Thirty-3 on Bayside Drive in Newport Beach has a pretty good late-night menu until 1 PM on Sundays (every night). It's pricey, but really worth it. They have things besides chips and salsa, like Kobe beef sliders and bbq ribs, but it's a limited menu.

            Someone mentioned Jerry's Deli in Costa Mesa. I know it is not open 24 hours and they stop serving at 10 PM, sometimes earlier.

            Since it is a Sunday, I would consider calling some of the places mentioned because what's true on most days might not be on a Sunday. Even room service in many hotels ends before 10 on Sundays (go figure!). If you stay at the Island Hotel in Fashion Island, you can get room service 24-hours a day.

            Other than that, I suggest that you set something up where you are staying. Some hotels have small refrigerators you can get. Order early, put it in the fridge with your beverages, and get back to it. No need to stay in the room with it also. Go watch the stars.