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Jul 28, 2008 10:03 PM

Ghali Kitchen Closed??

Hi Y'all

Wandered past Greenwood and Queen last night on the way to a friend's house...front window was covered with a piece of bristol board with something about "rest...recharge" on it.

I did a search here but came up blank...Is Ghali gone??

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  1. Rest...recharge sounds like a Classical 96 FM ad. He could be on vacation. Then, again, he might actually be out of business. Or doing an acting gig. Or anything else.

    Scoring a meal from George Ghali has always been something of a random event and, whatever the virtues of his food, Ghali Kitchen has never seemed a viable business. He vanished from Greenwood suddenly, then appeared on Queen W, then vanished from Queen suddenly and reappeared on Greenwood. Nice man. Good cook. Strange man.

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    1. re: embee

      about a week ago the signs said (and i paraphrase): to not worry because he would never make the mistake of leaving the neighborhood again; and that they were just regrouping and rennovating, etc.

      watch that space...

      1. re: 00ketan

        am i the only one that thinks the food is horrible? ... it's basically pasta sauce served on a piece of bread ... and really really pedestrian sauce at that

        1. re: slants

          I'm not sure where you get "pasta sauce"... his shiraz jerk pork pizza, for example, doesn't have a pasta sauce taste at all to me.

          The food may be simple, but with a couple exceptions, I've quite enjoyed the things I've eaten there. Not out of this world, but good food at a decent price.

          1. re: slants

            I've always found that it smells better than it tastes, but I wouldn't call it horrible.