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Jul 28, 2008 09:48 PM

Birthday Dinner in Columbia, SC

I'm charged with organizing a birthday dinner for about 10 30-year-old guests. The birthday girl is pregnant and has no preference in the restaurant! (But drinks are not so important.) I'm thinking about $15 a person would be best and all the "special occasion" restaurants in this town are in the $20+ range. Any suggestions that I might not be thinking about? We live downtown/Shandon area. The best place I'm thinking of at the moment is Za's.


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  1. Za's? Blech. I hope Columbia can do better than that. Check out Saffron, which is next door to Za's, to see if its menu is within your price range. It is a much nicer setting, the food is pretty good, and I'd bet they have worked out some of their service kinks since my visit there (see Gervais & Vine is another option. Folks could get 2-3 small plates each, though with wine you would be over the $15/pp limit. Miyo's (Main Street), for nice Americanized Chinese food, is within your budget. You might also check out Mai Thai, the new good Thai restaurant that opened up on Sunset, if that's not too far away. What about Nonnah's (Gervais Street)? I don't recall the exact prices on their menu but it seemed less expensive than, say, Motor Supply Company -- and you could get a big slice of cake for the birthday girl. There are some ideas, take 'em or leave 'em.

    1. Mediterranean Tea Room. It would be in the price range and covers everybody from wine drinkers to vegetarians to pregnant 30-year-olds.