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Jul 28, 2008 09:20 PM

Portugese Egg Tarts?

Does anyone know where I can get Portugese egg tarts in Seattle or Portland? The ones that are carmalized on top with flakey buttery crusts (like the ones sold at KFC's in China, HK, Taiwan & Singapore)?

I used to eat these a lot when I lived in Asia, and recently found some fantastic fresh ones in Richmond, Canada at the bakery of the large supermarket inside Yaohan Center, but have never been seen any in Seattle or Portland. Any tips would be greatly appreciated!

Note: I'm looking for Portugese egg tarts (the first photo below), not egg tarts/dan tat (the second photo below)

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  1. If anyone has it in Portland, it'll be King's Bakery on 82nd. Although Portuguese egg tarts are not that common anymore (they're fallen out of favor since their heyday in the 80's). I was in Macau (where they originated from) a few months ago and it seemed there were not that many to choose from either.

    Chances are higher for finding them in the Chinese bakeries in Seattle. I'm pretty sure I've seen them here and there.

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    1. re: HungWeiLo

      They remain a staple at KFC's across China, oddly enough =)

      Also, I have sadly never seen them at King's before.

    2. I've never had the Portugese egg tart version with the caramalization on top, but the second picture looks like the egg custard tarts that any dim sum joint or chinese bakery would have.

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        Unfortunately, the second picture is of the type of egg tart I'm NOT looking for. The Portugese style ones are so much tastier! =)

        1. re: clearskies0810

          Sorry - totally missed that part of the post. Now I see it, clear as day, though. oops. For the record, though, *I* love those second kind of egg tarts. If you find the Portugese ones, let us know. I'd love to try one!

      2. I used to eat Portuguese egg tarts in New York... they were amazing. I haven't seen any since I moved back to Seattle in 2003, but I haven't done more than poke my head into half a dozen Chinatown bakeries. I bet there out there somewhere!

        1. The original comment has been removed