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Jul 28, 2008 09:09 PM

What food processor should I get?

Tonight, in the middle of making a quadruple batch of my favorite pesto recipe, my third blender (in the last year) went up in smoke. I called my chef brother, who suggested I switch to a food processor. Fearful I wouldn't have my daily smoothie tomorrow, I raced out to get a food processor before the store closed and grabbed the Cuisinart Prep 11 Plus (Model DLC-2011).

And then I foolishly googled food processor reviews and don't know if I made the right decision... I just want something that won't burn up when I make a daily smoothie and large batches of pesto. There are so many manufacturers and models, and I can't figure out what would be the most appropriate? Will this work, or is there something better out there?

And could I use this to make pie crust?

Any comments, thoughts, suggestions would be appreciated!!!

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  1. My DLC-7FPC has lasted for about 20 years of smoothies, pesto, shaved ice, pie crust, pizza dough, etc. I haven't compared current models, but you probably did fine. Tip: put ice with water & vodka in the top funnel and let it drip in to make the pie crust without forming gluten. Also, puree garlic and nuts for pesto before adding the basil, oil, lemon, etc.

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      So vodka is the secret ingredient in pie crusts? No wonder why mine never turns out vodka.

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        The vodka is used because the alcohol in the vodka doesn't react with the flour to create gluten, so you get a tender pie crust. My pie crust recipe uses a bit of white vinegar to achieve the same effect, because the acetic acid also does not create vinegar.

        If you choose to use alcohol,t you can substitute the same quantity with other liquors(bourbon,rum,whiskey) to compliment the fillings

        Chilling the pie crust for 1 hour both before you roll it, and after you place it in the pan is crucial for success.

    2. You got yourself a good machine There's a reason that Cuisinart is to food processor as Xerox is to photocopier. If you were starting from scratch you might eventually end up making a different decision (or not), but why second guess yourself? You did fine.

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        I love my Cuisinart 14 c. These are real workhorses that last a long time. FYI read the manual and do not leave it in the locked position when you store it.

        If you are doing a lot of smoothies & ice and want to get a blender for those the Breville is SO great. My dad has been on a blender quest because he makes daily smoothies with ice and he finally settled on the Breville, and he bought them for my sister & for me as bday gifts this year because he was so enthusiastic about them - great machine, easy to use & clean, very durable.

      2. I had my first Cuisinart for more than 20 years. My second one is great also. I always make pie crust in it. Enjoy

        1. Hi, fyi, I have the KitchenAid KFP740CR 9-Cup Food Processor with 4-Cup Mini Bowl. It retailed for about $150 bucks. I love it. It's heavy-duty,, stainless steel and is a real workhorse. It doesn't move or vibrate when I use it but it's fairly quiet for a processor. We went w/ Kitchenaid basicly b/c it's a reputable brand making quality products. After all, their mixers last forever. I just made a pie crust w/ it over the weekend.

          I checked the ratings & reviews on Consumer Reports (we have an acct) and the Kitchenaid was their Best Buy and their 3 highest rated processors. 4th & 5th were Cuisinarts.

          That said, wasn't cuisinart the original food processor? I remember my mother getting one back in the early 80's.

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            Thanks - Consumer Reports was the other thing that I looked at that depressed me. The cuisinart that I bought wasn't even reviewed, so I don't know how it stacks up. I suppose I'll get it out of the box when I get my next supply of basil and give it whirl. The reviews suggest the safety on this is a pain.

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              The most recent consumer reports review was '07 though so maybe that has something to do w/ it too. Either way, it sounds like CH's are happy w/ theirs. Good luck!

          2. Thanks to all who replied. I used it to make pesto this week, and it just whipped right through it without a hitch and was done in record time with a great consistency! Smoothies are a little more challenging. Liquid shoots out of the sides when it is just getting started. I've started throwing a dish towel on it, and then go for the on button and that works nicely. The safety doesn't bother me. Its probably a good idea for me. I can be inpatient and have thrusted my share of wooden spoons into blades before they stop turning.

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              Try pulsing it first to break everything up before running it steady. The other problem may be that you're over loading it with liquid. The times that's happened to me there was just too much liquid in it.