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Jul 28, 2008 08:50 PM

denver trip august-ethnic eats suggestions? [moved from Midwest board]

i will be in denver and surrounding area on the first week of august 2008. i need some suggestions for unpretentious restaurants. asian and latin preferred. any tips chowhounders?

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  1. Well, first suggestion I would make is posting this in the Southwest Board, where most of the Colorado postings are grouped. You can also search that board for suggestions. I remember various posts on Asian places there.

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      If you are interested in Indian I just tried India's in the Tamarac Square at Tamarac and Hampden last night. Best boti saag I've ever had, although I've not tried a huge variety. Wonderful spices, very flavorful and hot even at somewhere between their mild and medium which I requested. Mmmmm, can't wait for tonight's leftovers.

      By latin do you mean Mexican, Central American or South American? Or all? I'd start of with suggestions for Lola and Limon personally. The former is Central American, the latter is Peruvian.

    2. Could you be a bit more specific. This is kind of a broad question. Denver has many restaurants that fit into the "asian and latin" headings. Maybe tell us more about pricing, service level, and what you've read about already that intersts you. We can then go off of that.