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Jul 28, 2008 08:36 PM

Chive boxes in Vancouver?

I was at Peaceful this weekend and tried some of their chive boxes (jiu cai he). They weren't the best I've had, but they satisfied a craving. I used to get my chive boxes at this little dive in Chinatown, but they closed down because the owner left Vancouver, and I haven't found a replacement supplier! I guess I can always check out Crystal Mall to see if they have any frozen ones, but I'd prefer ready made ones. Anyone have any recommendations? Thanks!

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  1. i_h, I'm not au fait with the correct nomenclature. Are you referring to the pastry covered glass noodle and chive tasties served in dim summy form? If so, I've had a good version at whatever they're calling the noodle place in Marpole next to the CIBC. Legendary Noodle also has one that doesn't have noodles, and (it's been a while but) I think Long's has a version... if we're talking about the same thing.

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      It looks like a flat, semi-circle shaped dumpling, about 4 inches long along the bottom and half an inch thick, stuffed with chopped up bits of scrambled egg, chive and glass noodles. It's usually served pan fried on each side. Sounding familiar?

      1. re: im_hungry

        I think the filling depends on what cuisine, and where you're getting them from. The one's im used to are filled with pork and chives. Really yummy though!

      2. re: grayelf

        I was going to mention Long's. I'm not an aficionado so I haven't sought out finest in town. I recall Chen's has it too.

        1. re: fmed

          What!? Since when are you not an aficionado of all things Chinese!?

          1. re: im_hungry

            I have to pick my battles. Chinese food is vast.

            1. re: fmed

              Yeah!!! Those are exactly it! Thanks for the pic :-) It's much more effective than my flat, semi-circle, dumpling-like explanation.

              1. re: im_hungry

                Them's the ones! The biggest version was at the place in Marpole (not The Place, although they may have them too). The one's at Legendary are smaller and IIRC noodle free. I can only order these when my dad's dining with us as no one else but me likes that much chive (doh) but they are a favourite.