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Jul 28, 2008 08:34 PM

Valhalla Lunch

I have a morning business meeting and looking for a good lunch in Valhalla or off Taconic heading north.

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  1. Valhalla Crossing, right off the Bronx River before it turns into the Taconic (near the train station). See . Good wraps, burgers, salads and entrees.

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    1. re: Dim Sum Diva

      We have gone to Valhalla Crossing several times based on your recommendation and the food was good. I just wonder if it might be a little too casual for a business meeting. We take our almost 4 and almost 2 year old kids there -- they love it.

      1. re: valerie

        Wasn't clear he was taking people there or just looking for someplace to eat afterwards ( I assumed the latter).

          1. re: MisterBill2

            This is lunch after a meeting.... just me.

      2. Mughal Palace is an Indian restaurant right off the Valhalla exit. They have an excellent lunch buffet.

        1. If you're looking for great Italian food in Valhalla, there are 2 good places to eat...
          right across from the train station in the village is Esposito's--casual and very good
          If you're looking for something a little nicer just go a little north on the BxRiver Pkwy
          and there's Spadafino's where they serve excellent food.

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          1. re: kynette

            If you are looking good Italian food in a very nice atmosphere I would recommend Azzurri just up road in Thornwood.

            1. re: foodrink

              Depending on where he's going afterwards, putting him in Thornwood could really be inconvenient. I would go for Mughal Palace or Valhalla Crossing, they're both in a convenient location. I think that Esposito's place is as well (right next door to Mughal Palace if I am thinking of the right place).

          2. Just returned and had a real nice lunch at Spadafino's .
            Thanks for all the recs.