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Jul 28, 2008 08:26 PM

Sacramento Downton easy lunch and dinner

I'm an LA Chowhounder in downtown Sacramento through Thursday while my husband takes the bar exam. We're staying at the Sheraton at the convention center and do not have a car. I'm looking for walkable easy to go lunches that I can have waiting in the room for him during his lunch break. So far looks like mostly a subway on every block, which could get old quickly. We normally love all "ethnic" foods and dives, but for this week it's important not to have anything that's likely to cause any digestive issues. I'm also looking for decent casual dinners, preferably walkable, but we could take a cab for something really worth it. Searching your board, it looks like Rubicon brewey could be a good place to celebrate when the test is done. We'd love some fresh localy sourced California fair.

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  1. Everything around The Rubicon is pretty good. The Waterboy is the best of the best. Jacks is great for casual lunches and salads. Paisano's has good pizza (the best is around the corner at 21st and P at Zelda's).

    There is a Wolgang Puck's express (lunches) at the Conevention Center but I have never been so I can't tell about it.

    Brew it Up is a very nice brewery with pretty good food. For me, not as good as the Rubicon but still lots of great beers on tap and good food.

    The place that used to be Hamburger Patties is close and has pretty good burgers and the like. (16th and J st).

    1. Be sure to celebrate the completion of the exam with a meal at Biba Italian (28th and Capitol). Very good Veneto style stuff in a nice setting. Cheers!

      1. If you have already arrived, have you walked the area around 18th-21st, L and Capitol?

        Not sure if you have seen these earlier threads:

        For the lunches, I'd suggest checking out
        Buckhorn Grill (tri-tip sandwiches
        Jack's (near Rubicon and The Waterboy)

        In addition to the places mentioned in the threads, there is a kind of institution in downtown Sac called Zelda's. It's a throwback bar/Chicago deep-dish pizza place. I love their three "special combo" pizzas: pesto (my most favorite), new spinach and spinnocoli. I have never found any of the choose the ingredients yourself versions to be as good.
        Check out their web site,
        They can be super busy (check out the "tips on dining" page.

        A few more places in the area that I don't think were mentioned in the other threads:
        Aioli, (I like the patio in the back
        )Bistro 33 Midtown,

        For fresh, locally sourced: The Waterboy (pricey), L Wine Lounge (portion size variable- can add up quickly to a bigger bill than expected).

        I look forward to reading reports on what you try! -Sou

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          I'll second the recommendation for Crepeville. A word of caution, tho...they don't take credit cards, so bring cash.

        2. For an easy lunch close by try the La Bou on J Street between 13th and 14th, right down the block from you. It's a local chain, but very good quality. It is good food and lots of their stuff would be easy to get back to the room (wonderful sandwiches on good fresh bread). I hope the exam goes well!