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Jul 28, 2008 08:10 PM

Recent Info on Chincoteague

These suggestions are a few years old, any updates...

The Chincoteague Inn
Blackboard Bistro
Wheeler's BBQ
Saigon Village
The Village
Island Creamery
The Sea Shell Café
Steamers Restaurant
Bay Witch

We are in Chincoteague for 4 nights, and we usually prefer spicy food...


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  1. Of your list, the Blackboard Bistro is out of business. Bay WItch has changed hands and I don't know how they are.

    Steamed crabs are spicy -- good at Steamers and at Rays Shanty (off island). Saigon Village (Vietnamese) is very good and you can get food as spicy as you want. Bills and the Sea Shell Cafe are your best upscale choices -- the rest are basically seafood. The Isalnd Creamery shouldn't be missed for ice cream

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      Thanks. We went to Saigon Village and it was great! Being from the Northeast, I was a bit wary of Asian food in VA (where I also lived for 4 years), but it was really wonderful -fresh, spicey, and flavorful.

    2. If you want dependable good food, I would have to say Bill's on Main St. Good breakfasts and dinners. Good idea to call and reserve for dinner tho. As someone else said, you don't really go to Chincoteague for the good food. I'm from Maryland and the way seafood is prepared in Virginia is..umm I stay away from it. Hope you enjoy your stay.

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        Based on the date of the OP's post, I'd guess the "stay" was 2 years ago.

      2. Take-out and fresh seafood at Gary Howard's was fantastic. We gorged on clams, crabs, shrimp and crab cakes for four days and still brought some home....