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Jul 28, 2008 07:49 PM

South Okanagan Trip

We are spending a week-long trip golfing and wine-ing centered around Oliver, BC (we are actually staying in Rock Creek, BC). Our travels will include Osoyoos, Kaleden, Keremeos and up to Penticton - we will not be spending much time in Kelowna.

The point really is to spend our time in the beautiful valleys, but we might feel the itch to put on a dress and go for a nice dining / luncheon experience. Does anyone have any recommendations? A nice friendly diner / family restaurant would be great, or anything that is locally renowned.

We will already be visiting lots of local wineries (Burrowing, Nk'Mip, etc.) and would like to try more local fare, if there are any? I suppose there will be some in Oliver, but I'm not sure where to start.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. I just spent the week in Oliver - my parents retired there last year (lucky me). There are not a lot of "great" restaurants in Oliver other than Burrowing Owl and Toasted Cellar (old Firehall on Main Street). Some highlights we had for lunch:

    See Ya Later Ranch/Winery - beautiful patio and an amazing honey cheesecake. It's in OK Falls

    Hillside Estate Winery - in Naramata (5 minutes from Penticton). They have a bistro and a gorgeous patio. We went for lunch but perused their dinner menu and it looked delicious.

    In Penticton try Amante's for dinner - their chef used to be the chef at Burrowing Owl.

    1. The other place that I like, more for the wine than food, but still great is Tinhorn Creek Winery. Last year we attended a brunch with live music and a wine tasting that was the highlight of our trip. THC has been in my top 3 Canadian wineries for the last 10 years.

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        Try Silver Sage (they only do wine) in Oliver. IMO the best wine in the Okanagan and I regularly come home with a few cases of it!

      2. Morefuuud, One of the most amazing wine's I've ever experienced is Osoyoos Larose Le Grand Vin. I have some in the cellar now and cherish every bottle.

        1. Yes, the Osoyoos Larose is an excellent wine, it's too bad they don't have an actual winery to visit... but then again they are sold out almost all the time, so there wouldn't be much to taste.

          I concur with the Toasted Oak recommendation in Oliver. Another good spot in Oliver is "Best of India" if you like Indian food. There are a number of East Indians in the fruit industry in Oliver/Osoyoos, and the food here is quite traditional.

          In Penticton, Theo's serves some of the best Greek Food in BC. A great spot and family friendly.

          I don't have any recommendations for restaurants in Kaleden, I think there is only one or two there, IIRC.

          For Keremeos / Cawston, I have been told that the restaurant at Crowsnest / Barcello Canyon Winery is quite good. The menu looked interesting, and that area in general has an amazing locally grown / organic produce culture. Do make sure to visit Orofino, Herder, Forbidden Fruit and Seven Stones Wineries in Cawston/Keremeos. Best to check their websites for up to date winery hours... I know Orofino is only open Friday thru Monday (closed mid-week)

          Enjoy the area