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Jul 28, 2008 07:27 PM

Is Lotte still open?

At one point I heard that the Health Dept. had an issue there. Did they re-open? If not, I need an Asian market as close to Annapolis as I can get. Any suggestions?

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  1. they reopened. Hanh Ah Reum is closer at rt 40/rolling rd.

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    1. re: chowsearch

      Is it really closer to Annapolis? Does it smell better?

      1. re: nosey

        It's just a bit closer, still on rt 40 just outside the beltway by the double t and yes it smells better

        1. re: chowsearch

          I would say Lotte's more direct to Annapolis, just take 100-29-40 and you're there. H-Mart is a little further, but the better store by far. I've yet to find a good Asian market, or really an acceptable Asia market, in Anne Arundel county.

        2. re: nosey

          H Mart is way better. Better food. Better smell. They redid the fish section about a year ago, and I haven't gone back to Lotte. Well worth driving to Rolling Road even though I pass Lottee on the way. I blogged about the popped rice bowls, the fish section, etc.

          1. re: HowChowBlog

            So to keep it straight, H-Mart and Hanh Ah reum are different places both on Rolling Rd? Is H Mart in the Sears shopping center? Or is H Mart a nickname for Hanh Ah Reum?

            1. re: chowsearch

              H-Mart's the new name for Hanh Ah Rheum.

              1. re: Jason1

                Thank you for straightening me out. BTW, just north on Rolling on the other side of 40, Wong Gai BI is a new Korean table grill place that looks tasty.

      2. It did reopen. There is a Korean Korner in Rockville, as well as a Lotte in there too. I'm not sure if those are closer to you...

        1. I went to Lotte this weekend and walked right back out due to the stench. Apparently, getting shut down by the health department only a few months ago for rotting produce/meats/goods didn't make a lasting impression to its management.

          Lotte is located on Rt. 40 in Ellicott City and caters to a mostly Korean clientele. Han Ah Reum (aka H-Mart) is located on Rt. 40 in Catonsville and provides a more wide-range of Asian (Indian, Thai, Vietnamese, etc.) products.

          1. Lotte only closed a few weeks. H-Mart may be better than Lotte, but I think it depends on everyone's tastes. I go to H-mart when I need a rice. H-mart has better rice selections (I am Japanase so rice is important).
            I have heard that a new Asian (international?) grocery store will open on August at Glen Burnie at the route 2 @old Giant site.

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              1. re: nosey

                That would be fantastic news for Anne Arundel county! Does anyone have any more details on this?

                1. re: nosey

                  The store is called "Fresh World Maket", my friend said that it must be the same store already has established in Virginia. The place is near the Marley Station Mall. I do not know the name of the shopping mall; which between the Route 2 and Mountain Road, behind the Boston Market. The site used to be Giant.

                  1. re: sallyneko

                    I just saw it today. It is at what used to be called Southdale across from Ann's Dairy Creme, home of the best foot long hot dogs!

                    1. re: nosey

                      Oops, yes it is not between R2 and Mountain Road, I sometime have passed the area but my memory is not right. The Market will open in middle of Aug.?
                      I know Ann's, I will try the dogs next time.

                2. re: sallyneko

                  I agree with that. I prefer Lotte for the banchan and other food prepared there. HMart has a better fish market and is probably a little more sanitary.

                  1. re: gcrkc

                    I like Lotte's prepared food such as a soft tofu soup, seasoned seaweed salad, seasoned boiled eggs, kimuchi. I think these are very tasty. I also prefer the food court in Lotte. Yes H mart is newer & cleaner but too busy sometime... I love both bakeries in Lotte & H mart.

                    1. re: sallyneko

                      What do you get at the bakery? I'm at a complete loss when I look at the stuff.

                      1. re: nosey

                        Two bakery ideas: 1) The small rice pastries filled with sweet red bean paste at either Lotte or H Mart. The consistency is like marzipan, but it is a lighter flavor. They come in plastic-wrapped packages -- maybe a dozen or so for $3-4. At H Mart, they're usually green and white. (Look at the ingredients to see if it says red bean.) They're best the same day and shouldn't be refrigerated. 2) A red bean or "potato salad" donut at the bakery in H Mart. The red bean donut is a donut with the same sweet paste. The "potato salad" is basically a barely sweet donut with no filing. I have no idea where it got its name. It's as sweet as a biscuit or maybe corn bread.

                        (There is also La Boulangarie Bakery across the parking lot from Lotte. They have many great steamed and baked pastries, and the ingredients tell you about the filing. They're like $2 each, so you can sample. I posted about that here: )

                        1. re: HowChowBlog

                          My favorite is the rice donut when they have it...a rice-based donut rolled in sugar, no filling. I'm not a big fan of some of the other item's, particularly the two mentioned above.

                        2. re: nosey

                          I always buy a white bread. This is very different from ordinary american breads. Moist & soft, I cannnot find anywhere but Asian bakeries. I also buy a red bean paste bread ("an-pan" in Japanese; a bun filled with sweet red bean paste), green bean version, curry doughnuts (this is like a Russian piroshki, filled with curry flavored meat & vegie paste). I also like a bun with bean paste filling (looks like Dunkin's "Munchkins"). There are several fravored cream filling breads; custard-cream, mocha, strawberry, & chocholate; they are all my favorite. If the sweet beans are not your taste, try those cream filled breads. Additionally, a jelly roll (Swiss roll?) is also yummy. Just in case if you do not know what is the bread filled with a red bean paste: