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Jul 28, 2008 07:21 PM

SOMA food

LA foodie in SF for five days at W hotel. I'm looking for a good, cheap breakfast nearby. I eat anything, prefer Asian or European cuisine, no heavy carbs. If I can get Suhl Lung Tang (Korean bone marrow soup) or something similar, I would be in heaven. Also, I'm out with friends for dinner on Thursday -- looking for high end good food similar to Hatfields or Providence in LA. Any thoughts?

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  1. Here's what's in Soma

    The closest Korean would be this small snack shop mentioned in this thread

    For breakfast, it is take out but high, high quality, walk down Mission to New Mongomery and go to The Sentinel across from The Palace Hotel ... info in first link

    Are you limiting the fancy dinner to SOMA? If not The Dining Room at the Ritz would be what you are looking for. In SOMA, though it was creamed by the local critic, search down this board and you will see a thread for Fifth Floor which Chowhounds seem to like a lot.

    More casual ... Orson, Coco500

    If you walk up 3rd away from the city, a few blocks up is South Park which has The Butler and the Chef which you might like for breakfast..I do NOT reccommend Mel's.

    I'm kind of unclear if Jollibee's on 4th is open. I thought they closed but it seems they are there with Red Ribbon bakery. Yep, its a Filipino chain, but I really like the garlic rice for breakfast.

    That is a high rent district that is close to the Financial District. That boils down to no much in the way of cheap eats and breakfasts geared for the office worker grabbing a pastry in the morning.

    The closest cheap area is the Tenderloin, a few blocks up. Sort of an equal walk, but in Soma, though not near W is the Java House ... the one near the ballpark and not Red's Java house near the Ferry Building. It is the typical, nothing special greasy spoon breakfast with a spectacular view. Town'sr End nearby has a great breakfast ... but, but ... not in the category of cheap ... may be closed for remodling. Good stuff though.

    Hope you report back about what you choose.

    1. Recent discussion of places around the W hotel:

      Jollibee's still open at that location.

      1. Look into AME not far from your hotel. We had a great meal there on our last trip.

        I'd describe it as new American with Japanese influences