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Jul 28, 2008 07:10 PM

Looking for family owned Mexican restaurant in Rockwall

I love Mexican food, but do not enjoy chain or franchise Mexican restaurants. I live in Rockwall and usually have to drive to Dallas, Irving or Grand Prairie to find any good family owned restaurants that serve other than Tex-Mex. Most family owned restaurants prepare sauces from fresh chiles, etc., like they prepared them in Mexico. Delicious! Do you know any such restaurants in the Rockwall area?

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  1. El Potrillo de la Sandia in the Harbor development. I'm not sure if it meets your needs for authenticity but it's better than the chains.

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      Thanks. It's a nice place, but the food, though advertised as authentic Mexican, tends to be mostly Tex-Mex items. I admit it is better than the chains.

    2. You probably already know about Tulum in the square. But in case you don't...

      I don't know about the ownership of the place but after one visit. I can tell you the food we had was really good. It's not your typical Tex Mex joint by any means. I ordered their Chile Relleno and was quite pleased with the dish. It was filled with a nice mild Monterrey Jack with surprisingly no meat. I didn't miss it. The sauce was a slightly spicy ranchero that added a nice kick. The rice and beans were nothing to write home about. But the salsa was great. Initially they served to us in a sea shell. This was a first for me. I thought it was a nice touch until I ran out of the salsa. The shell was replaced with a larger dish immediately. I think they knew I wasn't playing around.

      My SO had the Fajitas. Nicely seasoned... not too much salt. About halfway through the meal she said it might be her favorite Guacamole she has eaten at a restaurant. We were pretty hungry that night, so take that with a grain salt. But it was good nonetheless.

      One more thing. The service was really impressive. Our guys name was Angel, and he was one of those servers who has what you need waiting right before you realize you need it. The salsa shell wasn't sufficient, BAM here's a punchbowl of goodness. Things like that.

      I think all the other places in Rockwall are Tex Mexy and merely adequate in fulfilling the Mexi needs of foodie types. L Trevinos... Eh, Ok. Casa Miguel is full of processed crap but the people there are so nice that we can't stop giving them money. And their nachos are seriously gigantic and tasty. Not bad brisket tacos either.

      One more thing before I go. After the meal we waddled over to the new Market on the Square (or square market or whatever) to check it out. Their stock is a bit sparse right now (probably a good thing for a new business) but they have all the right stuff. Good quality italian market type stuff. I bought some German Jalapeno cheese that is very nice on a sandwich. Also bought some wine and one of their sodas from Ft Worth. I think it was a Black Cherry soda... it was fabulous. We didn't have the tummy room to try their deli counter. But my next sandwich will be from there. Mark my words!

      Anyway, I'm rambling. I hope this helps a little bit.