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Jul 28, 2008 07:07 PM

Favorite Supermarket in Staten Island

Aside from reasons of proximity to your home, what is your favorite supermarket to shop, in Staten Island, and why..... Best Produce? Best Prices? Best selection? etc.
Please be specific about location.

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  1. My family all live out there and have their favorites. I know she goes to the Shop Rite on Hylan because they are less money than the other two on Hylan. I had to spend a week out there. I know I didn't like the King Kullen in the Hylan Shopping Plaza and preferred the Stop and Shop. My other relatives hop around the Island looking for the best sales. I also used to like Miggy's on Clove Rd. I used to think they looked cleaner.

    1. I posted here yesterday and today...Pfffft! It's gone. I would also agree with Mrs T.
      I too would choose the Shop Rite on Hylan and Bancroft.
      Pros: Best prices, good fruit/veg selection. When they have a sale, EG: Their 'can can' sale, the prices are especially great.
      Cons: The store layout is poor, the parking lot is a nightmare and the staff, including Mgmt. is barely functional.
      If I had to pick a runner up it would be the Stop & Shop on Hylan and Tyson's Lane.
      Pros: Very clean, BIG store so lots of brands available. It's right next door to my fav chinese takeout restaurant.
      Cons: Dreadful parking lot, more expensive than Shop Rite and Pathmark.
      I didn't like the new King Kullen either.
      Having said this, I do my major shopping at Wegman's in Woodbridge .Outstanding customer service, EG: If more than one person is waiting to checkout, they will open another register. Great bakery, good (but costly) prepared food stations. A much better experience. For big list shopping, well worth the toll/gas.

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        While Wegman's is a lovely store, it is not cost effective - very little goes on sale.
        Stick with ShopRite.

      2. When I lived on Staten Island, I didn't find the Pathmark on Forest to be too bad, though the lines got long on the weekends. Decent selection and the prices sure beat the Key Food down the road.

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          Yeah that Pathmark on Forest used to have some decent ethnic sections and was cheap for certain household items but it seems less and less shelf space for anything but their own generics and the usual big boys. I used to get my fruits and veggies from the Pakistanis across the street in the winter when Gerardi's was closed up on Richmond Terrace. Now I'm down in Stapleton and specialty shop everywhere...