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Jul 28, 2008 06:52 PM

Vegetarian Eats - DEN

I just stopped eating meat this summer and I feel GREAT. The problem is that the last two or three restaurants I've been to have a VERY limited meat-free menu (I do eat fish/seafood). Do you have any suggestions and, even better, with a selection of meat AND meat-free items since my hubby is on the vegetarian so-so bandwagon?
Thanks so much!

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  1. Watercourse Foods on 17th is excellent, but it's all vegetarian. If your hubby is a breakfast fan, they serve breakfast all day (I tend to think that breakfast is easier to skip the meat on than other meals).

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    1. I have been a vegetarian (no fish/seafood) for over 20 years and I must report that I often get the best meals at the table - no matter what restaurant I visit. Great Denver restaurants like Rioja, Mizuna, Vesta, Bistro Vendome or Fruition, all have lots of non-meat options - especially if you eat fish and shellfish.

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        Yeah, actually, Rioja's vegetarian entree is usually a combo of sides from the other entrees...and it's always a real treat. Half the time I choose entrees based on their accompaniments anyway.

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          Those sound great. I've actually had a vegetable napoleon at Vesta and it was super tasty.

      2. Come on up to Boulder, where vegetarian-friendly restaurants abound. Top bets are Sunflower (reviewed in the currently BOULDER WEEKLY) and Leaf. Veggie options abound in Chinese, Indian, Nepali and Mexican restaurants as well (at the latter, just ask whether lard is used in refried beans and such).

        1. I too am looking for healthier veggie options (fish and poultry are fine too) in the metro area that are not loaded with saturated fats like butter and cheese. It seems like when I see veggie options on menus that they include a vat of fat (which is fan-frickin-tastic taste-wise, but I can't have it right now).

          1. Domo has gotten raves from vegetarian friends. They do Japanese country fare: stews, soups, tempura. They originally did not serve sushi, though they do now. But there are plenty of vegetarian options, more than you would expect.

            However, as they note in their menu:
            Domo Restaurant uses over seventy different
            ingredients individually or in combinations.
            Meats, fish and vegetables are prepared in the
            same kitchen, with the same pots and utensils
            (washed between preparations of course). It is
            not possible to follow extremely strict vegetarian
            guidelines for food preparation.

            So it depends how strict you want to be.

            I prefer them for lunch these days (more affordable, and I don't expect as much from the service, which has fallen off a bit since their early days). Your mileage may vary!