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markham station in scarborough?

A girlfriend of mine swears by this popular 24 hour diner in scarborough but shes definetly not a "chowhound" by any respect. Has anyone been to this place for a cheap big breakfast or dinner? Is it a possible chow-gem or just another waste of calories?

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  1. Definately not a chow-gem. Decent food, but I wouldn't go further then that.

    1. Um... well, yeah, decent food. I would really just go there for breakfast and that's it. Convenience of location.

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          I posted a reply to you but it was taken down. I went to read the guidelines and it appears that I did not follow them, so sorry mods if you are reading! It wasn't intentional at all. Just genuinely trying to contribute to this forum and I know the rules now!

          I've been there many times in the past, way back when they had a 2.99 breakfast special, it was ok, like other posters said, nothing special.

          I've been meeting a good friend once a month for breakfast and thought about meeting there, but I would personally try to find somewhere else. Just my opinion.

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            Thanks for reposting. I took a peak at the menu, and while I dont know about 2.99, there are definetly some very cheap specials.. but if its really not that great, I can get my cheap greasy spoon breakfast fix elsewhere. Thanks again.

        2. breakfast is neither big nor economical. better values to be had elsewhere.

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            cool, gathering spot for a quick bit, pre-cooked- frozen-reheat kind of food, for the price, it's ok

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              No surprise their attempt to expand to Ajax failed miserably...

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                I was suprise they failed in Ajax, this is the type of food people around here kind of like

            2. No, certainly not. But the Chinese restaurant (Fairview Seafood) in the same plaza is. It really is! (Sweet and sour chicken with chili, spicy pork with mushroom, shrimp wonton soup, crispy beef) and quite cheap too.