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Jul 28, 2008 06:30 PM

Defunct FiDi spots: Rosario's and Carmela's

A lot of restaurants have come and gone in the financial district, but nothing will ever come close to Carmela's Italian Specialties or Rosario's Italian Bistro. I just wanted to pay my respect by starting up a thread. Maybe some other people who were as traumatized as me when they walked by a boarded-up Carmela's with the big orange Board of Health sticker on the door, or when they showed up at Rosario's and saw a vacant space, with big Joe nowhere to be seen.

Do any of you know of any apt substitutes for either restaurant (FiDi or not)?

2(?) years since Carmela's and I'm still in shock.

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  1. The dining situation in the financial district leaves a lot to be desired. I have lived here over 10 years and never had the pleasure of dining at two of your favorites - Carmela's and Rosario's. I felt the same way when VP3 on Mott closed. In Seaport North Acqua makes light, simple Italian fare like I would make at home. I would love to find a great Italian restaurant downtown. And a nice old fashioned red sauce Italian. I'm sure there is a thread on this topic and I need to search this Board.

    1. Just walked past Rosario's today and saw construction guys in there undoubtedly building some new paean to dining mediocrity. What the heck happened? Are they moving? Who could imagine Joe without a restaurant?

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        Joe is/was considering a new location. I'm willing to arrange some kind of hands across america if that's what it takes.

        1. re: chet steadman

          I'm in. What's his last name? any idea how to reach him?