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Jul 28, 2008 05:44 PM

Downtown Brooklyn lunch?

Hi.. I'm going to be stuck in BK tomorrow on business (Pierrepont Plaza, by Borough Hall, to be specific) and am worried about my lunch options. Will there be any solid lunch places within reasonable walking distance?

Thanks in advance

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  1. Chet, I'll chime in and tell you that you have nothing to worry about. Montague Street has plenty of eateries on it to satisfy you.

    Montague Street Eats -->

    1. What about Thai Sky, a relatively inexpensive restaurant with an excellent spicy mango salad, mild rice and pasta dishes, attracts couples and groups with its large windows facing 5th Avenue, beautiful pillows, and photography lined the walls.

      Here is a link to the article the restaurant is mentioned in

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        The menu looks pretty good, but it may be a tad far given my window of time. May be an order option if the other places are too far, as I haven't had decent thai in ages.

        1. re: alexa52

          Alexa, that restaurant is a good 20-30 minutes away. Nice plug for your own website,though.

        2. Thanks a ton... Based on the map, it looks like there's a decent little pocket of restaurants right near where I'll be. Some of those places look a bit fancy for my taste, but Grand Canyon looks like the spot for tomorrow.

          1. Walk down Court to Atlantic Avenue. Make a right. Go to Damascus bakery. Buy a falafel sandwich, stuffed grape leaves, and chickpea salad. Walk back up Court to the plaza in front of the courthouses and eat your lunch. That'll be far better than anything you'll get on Montague and it'll take you 15 minutes, tops. (For sit down Middle Eastern, try Yemen Cafe or Waterfalls, both on Atlantic.)

            If you must stay on Montague, I think Teresa's is the best of the bunch, especially their white bean soup on Friday.

            1. You can get a very decent sandwich at Tazza. Walk up Pierrepont to Henry, take a right, then take a left on Clark. Tazza is across from the 2-3 subway on the left side of Clark.

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                Thanks for all of the suggestions. In the interest of eating healthy, I decided to give Damascus a try. Of course, in the end I was swamped at work and only managed to leave for a few minutes to pick up the nearest slice of pizza and head back to my desk. The best laid plans...

                No complaints though, as the pizza ended up being above average. Plus, in the morning, I picked up a decent iced coffee at the Crossroad stand by the court house.