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Jul 17, 2008 09:44 AM

Oishi Chestnut Hill quality declining?

Have you noticed the quality of the Chestnut Hill Oishii has gone down? I think all of the premium cuts are going to their newer / upscale restaurant (and twice as expensive) "O2" in the South End.

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  1. Have you noticed you're replying to a 4 year old thread? There are more current discussion on Oishii if you do a search.

    1. I used to go to the Oishii Chestnut Hill 2x-3x a week and I did noticed both the quality and quantity has recently shrunk. One day it's awesome and then another day it's okay. Even on an ok day it's still better than all other comparatively priced places.

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      1. re: joebloe

        I have no doubt that they are not as good as before. The fish is still fresh but the cut of the fish is a lot smaller.

        That is the reason I haven't been there for almost a year.

      2. I used to be a pretty regular customer there until I received a piece of toro that was frozen. When I brought it to their attention, I was quickly dismissed and they refused to take it off the bill. I haven't been back and the incident happened over a year ago. I guess that I'm not missing too much.

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        1. re: Chrispy75

          Hmm. Was your issue that the toro was still frozen or that it was frozen at all? In order to kill parasites, the FDA requires freezing of fish that is to be served raw, though not fur tuna, and enforcement is done by local health officials, so actual rates are much lower. Tuna is still often frozen, though. Interestingly, the Japanese are apparently much less obsessed about the freezing issue than Americans, as you can see from the flash-frozen tuna in the Tsukiji fish market. All you had to do was wait a little for the toro to thaw further.

          1. re: youngho

            My issue wasn't that it was frozen at one time, but that it arrived to me on my plate still frozen. It was almost like eating a popsicle except for the outermost edges. When I am paying $$$, I expect for the restaurant to thaw it out before sending it to me. My main issue is that they didn't do anything to remedy the situation.

        2. I have noticed that their fish is fresher on different days of the week. Could this possibly be related to when they receive their deliveries?

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          1. re: Gordough

            The waitress told me they get their deliveries on Monday and Thursday/Friday.

            1. re: joebloe

              Very interesting. I have always found their fish to be freshest on Friday and less fresh on Sunday and Wednesday.