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Jul 28, 2008 05:24 PM

Heritage Festival 2008 - foodie recommendations!

Only 5 more days till my favourite festival!

What are people looking forward to trying? Any insider tips?

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  1. I worked at a friend's booth one of the many rainy HFs. And all I can remember of the food was that every nation seemed to serve something grilled on a stick even when it did not seem original to their culture. In fact, for many years we called it heritage-on-a-stick.

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      Completely different than my take on it. I'm with egirlwonder - best 3 days in Edmonton!! Missed last couple because I was out of the country (stupidly booked trips without thinking about what I would miss), but am looking forward to trying the Zimbabwean food that was new, I think, last year. And always love the lamb or pork on a spit from the eastern European booths. And the Israeli booth has, in the past, served the best falafel in the city.

    2. I have a soft spot for the Welsh cakes, and last year I really liked the arepas at the Venezuela/Brazil stall.

      The satay at the Malaysia/Singapore site is usually good, and they sell fresh coconuts to drink out of. Pricey though.

      A friend of mine who just started a catering business will be cooking at the Afrika OYI site.

      1. I don't know why, but I always have a hankering for haggis on a bun at the Scottish pavillion. I do get strange looks from friends because I'm not of European descent.

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          The Scottish pavillion hasn't been there for the past few years. I think you and I were probably the only ones looking for haggis on a bun.

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            No way!! What happened to the Scottish pavillion? Haggis on a bun, and bannock from the Metis tent, were always my "have to eat first" foods.

            Sheesh, I miss the Heritage Festival for a couple of years (due to having kids), and this is what happens?

        2. LOL Penqcast. We were just talking about that today at work. My DH made a comment a few years back, "God, how many times are we going to see Kabobs on the menu."

          Anyways, in the Journal there's a pullout with a list of what's what. I told my co-worker about Hubby's issue with Kabobs. And she started to laugh, of the first 4 restaurants on the pullout list, 3 had Kabobs. I said," oh well, it smells amazing"

          We haven't been for a few years but, my favorites were always:
          1, Roti from Sri Lanka
          2, Crepe suzette from France
          3, Samosas from Pakistan

          I heard that places like Scotland stopped having a tent because the price was getting really high to rent for the weekend.

          Hey I just found this link:

          Has the menu and everything. Sweet!

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            Interesting that besides England, there is also an Irish tent and a Welsh tent. Okay, I'll stop whining now.

            Thanks for your list. I was wondering if Sri Lanka might be a good one to try. Everytime I've had Sri Lankan food, it's been delicious.

          2. Things im looking forward to:

            Anticuchos! (Soo pumped), and Inca Cola. Peruvian tent.
            Arepa's - Venezuela
            Qabeli Palau - Afghani
            Burek - Bosnia H.
            Tamales - either Mexico or Guatamala
            I should probably go get some sticky rice from the Taiwanese tent too, but I don't feel like being harassed by the whole community.

            I think the most interesting thing is how butchered certain dishes are for the North American palate. Chicha (Ecuador) - a cold pineapple drink!? really? Sigh.