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Buying Dungeness crab in Seattle

grubseattle Jul 28, 2008 04:23 PM

Does anybody have tips on where to buy fresh Dungeness crab in Seattle to bring to a beach party on Saturday? We're looking for high quality combined with reasonable prices (not surprisingly!).

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    PAO RE: grubseattle Jul 28, 2008 05:26 PM

    Some of the worst crab I've ever gotten was from the Market, out of all places. The best places are Mutual Fish (Rainier Valley) and University Seafood & Poultry (University District). Whether prices will be "reasonable" given the price of gas nowadays, I can't vouch for. I don't know whether there are Asian places in the ID that might have better deals.

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      Lauren RE: grubseattle Jul 29, 2008 09:12 AM

      I bought a couple of wonderful dungies at Metropolitan Market last week.

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        oliveoyl RE: grubseattle Jul 29, 2008 09:29 PM

        I'd not risk it .. Mutual Fish, Uwajimaya or University Seafood ..THE 3 choices for seafood in the city. You could try grocery stores but none will beat any of these 3.

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        1. re: oliveoyl
          christy319 RE: oliveoyl Jul 31, 2008 02:33 PM

          I would add Fresh Fish Company on 80th and 24th in Crown Hill to that list. I've become a regular there and have never been disappointed. This is the place that used to sell their crab cakes and whatever else they got from local fisherman out of the back of a mini mart in Ballard--now they have a shop with a larger selection.

          Can I also just take this opportunity to tell everyone that Jack's Fish Spot sold me ammonia crab meat recently? How hard is it to make sure your cooked crab meat is fresh? Sheesh.

        2. mattwright RE: grubseattle Jul 29, 2008 09:48 PM

          Mutual Fish is my favorite fishmonger in Seattle. Pikes market unfortunately isn't good. It is for tourists that don't know what they are buying. Pretty obvious, but avoid anywhere that throws fish :D

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            tacopan RE: grubseattle Jul 31, 2008 05:16 PM

            I usually pull them from my front yard on Orcas Island...but when it is not sport season and I am in Seattle, I go to Fishermans Terminal in Ballard to the little place next to Chinook (don't recommend Chinook for food unless its just a quick lunch). They always have fresh stuff and won't sell it if it's not

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              Retsu RE: grubseattle Aug 2, 2008 08:23 PM

              We bought a couple live crabs from Uwajimaya on a Saturday morning, when my mother was in town last week. Two hefty crabs rung up at around $38 - about $7 per pound, if I remember correctly. We boiled them that evening. They were great!

              And, I second the recommendation for the Fresh Fish Company in Ballard. I've never gotten crab from them, but their fish (and crab cake) are great.

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              1. re: Retsu
                allisonw RE: Retsu Sep 1, 2008 02:45 PM

                I gotta third Fresh Fish. I even bought frozen out of season spot prawns from them that totally rawked.

                When all the fish stores are closed and I want to buy fish (like today maybe) I trust Central Market in Shoreline. Prices are a bit steep and the fish guy's an a-hole, but the quality is high and the stuff's always fresh.

              2. e
                ealid RE: grubseattle Sep 1, 2008 02:10 PM

                If you ever get up in the Anacortes area, stop by the marina off Q Avenue and Seafarers Way. During the commercial season, a local fisherman sells crab out of one of the garages next to the docks. I've bought crab from him ranging from $3.10 - $3.99. It is usually fresh from the water that morning. They aren't as large (about 3 pounds) as you would find down in California or Oregon, but they are so much sweeter.

                1. t
                  troutsteve RE: grubseattle Sep 3, 2008 06:56 PM

                  There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with buying crabs in the ID or in the Cambodian/Chinese markets of White Center. Living in WS puts me in close proximity to some great seafood in these stores, but, of course, you can continue to pay up to 2x the price to "trust" the crabs at wherever it is you shop.

                  1. mattwright RE: grubseattle Sep 4, 2008 11:29 AM

                    Mutual Fish, down on Rainer Ave. Hand's down my favorite place to buy seafood in Seattle.

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