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Downtown Baltimore Italian question

Any suggestions/recommendations of the following?
Sotto Sopra
Della Notte
Caesar's Den

This would be a casual dinner for six adults who never get to see each other, coming together from around the country...so good atmosphere, not rushed, somewhat casual...
any hints appreciated. Thanks.


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  1. La Scala, if it needs to be in Little Italy

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      Will the diners be staying at hotels in downtown Baltimore, or can you venture a few miles from the Inner Harbor? I enjoy Pazza Luna for casual Italian, and not your stereotypical red-sauce joint. Plus it's in one of the last authentic B'more 'hoods, Locust Point.

    2. You might like Sammy's Trattoria, on the corner of Charles and Biddle.

      It is quite casual, and the food is good.


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        Can't say that I thought the food at Sammy's was good. I remember burnt garlic and too much EVOO in the broccoli rabe dish. And don't even remember what else we got, it was that unmemorable.

        Sotta Sopra is probably a little more high-end than casual. I've only had their RW food, and wasn't impressed. Not that it's bad, but I expected more from everything that I had heard.

        La Tavola was my old stand-by back in the day, but I haven't been in ages. I always enjoyed the food and the service.

        Della Notte surprised me. I wasn't expecting much, and came out surprised that I would like to go back. Kitschy? Yes. But the food was great, and the gnocchi were light years better than Da Mimmo's! Service was great, too.

      2. Della Notte from your list but La Tavola is better and more upscale.

        1. Sammy's or Pazza Luna skip anything in little Italy sotto sopra not real casual

          1. I would recommend Chiapparellis. They are a block into Little Italy, very walkable from the inner harbor. They are very casual, no dress code so you can walk over after touring the inner harbor.

            237 S. High Street
            Baltimore, MD 21202
            Tel: 410-837-0309

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              And their salad is to DIE for IMO.

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                And everyone gets the house salad with their entres at no cost and this is a heaping plateful. SOOOOOO yummy

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                I can second the Chiapp's recommendation, but you might want to ask to sit upstairs. The downstairs dining room can get a little loud if you're trying to have across the table conversations.

              3. From the list here, Sotto Sopra. For Little Italy, I recommend La Scala. Get the grilled caesar salad. mmmmm..

                1. The knowlegable service at Boccaccio keeps us coming back. The wine list is impressive and affordable, & the warm homemade bread is something I crave! The seafood bouillabaisse and the rapini are the best in the city!

                  1. I used to think Sabatino's was okay, but on our last visit, it was dismal.

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                      Sabatinos has been very hit or miss lately, but much more miss. I think their high demand has led to some sacrifices in the kitchen and with teh wait staff, and the experience ahs suffered. Go across the street to Chiapparelli's.