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Jul 28, 2008 03:43 PM

Hold the Mayo Smokehouse in Calgary

It's the name of a interesting little lunch spot in a very uninteresting area (industrial area of Highfield and Bonnybrook). I noticed a smoked meat sign a few weeks ago during my lunchtime forays and got the courage to visit it today. I'm not sure how long the place has been around but it is very pleasant inside, don't be discouraged from the outside appearance. Talked to either the manager or owner and the chef and they said they smoke all their own meat and bake their own bread. They have a bit of a mexican/spanish feel to the place and menu.

I was prepared for below average food from what you get at some typical industrial park lunch cafes. I was not prepared for how good it actually was. I had the smoked pork on a bun with spanish rice. Pork was nicely smoked, slighty sweet from some kind of glaze and fork tender, the bun was a slight sweet dense homemade (not bland commercial white bread puff) and the spanish rice had good seasoning with a little kick. My friend had a hot panini turkey and she was pleasantly surprised it was actual roast turkey pieces but we didn't get the chance to ask if they roasted it themselves. It looked good but it wasn't panini bread but a flour tortilla wrap that was grilled, nonetheless it looked tasty. I saw a few people get the lasagne and boy did it ever look good but you better be prepared to take a nap afterwards! We got some fresh homemade empanada's to go and they were excellent, loads of ground beef in a fresh pastry with raisins (a little like a samosa without the spiciness). Looks like almost everything is handmade, the chef brought out some fresh homemade bread and it was very good and the soups are made from scratch.

The best thing about this place is also their prices, excellent value for what you get. Suffice to say I'll be heading back to try their other items. They also do catering and have empanada trays :) (their online menu hasn't been updated to include the smoked meats and empanadas)

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  1. Could you please make your subject lines a bit more descriptive? Like point out that this is a restaurant, and in what city?

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    1. re: Dan G

      The OP posted 3 min before your query so maybe they managed to change the title after you asked the question but the post now reads "Hold the Mayo Smokehouse in Calgary"

      the address: 1415 - 38th Ave SE

      HTH :)

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        Great tip. I will have to give it a try. I will be in Calgary quite a bit this fall.
        Dean in Red Deer

    2. Finally made it to this place and it was worth the stop.
      The Reuben sandwich, though served without Thousand Island dressing, was very good.
      My choice of side was a generous portion of their "Spanish rice", a well spiced version with bits of Chorizo sausage mixed in.
      Very easy to find.

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        Montreal-style "reuben" is with mustard- thousand island, pastrami and swiss--grilled, please--is the vastly superior American version of a reuben.