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Jul 28, 2008 03:13 PM

Dinner for large group in St. Michael's

My office is planning a retreat in St. Michael's, Maryland in September. Any ideas for restaurants that could accommodate a large group for dinner on a weeknight? Group could be from 20 to 40-ish people. (or perhaps could give people a choice of two restaurants).

Thanks for any suggestions.

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  1. In town, the only options for 20-40ish are Crab Claw and Town Dock. I'd say split up and go to 208 Talbot and Bistro St. Michaels (and bring extra cash).

    1. obvious choice is a crab feast on the water at the Crab Claw

      1. The Inn at Perry Cabin has probably the most experience with event planning for groups that size in St. Michaels (other than the events at Vice President Cheney's nearby weekend retreat). They have a number of beautiful spaces in addition to the main restaurant, where they can seat 40 people. And it's right on the water in a beautiful setting.
        The Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum also has an event planner who can put together a catered dinner for your group in a unique setting.