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May 27, 2003 12:25 AM

Thousand Oaks

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Hi, I'm moving to Thousand Oaks in about a week for work. I was wondering if there are any cool places out there for some good food. Thanks a lot!

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    1. re: Creamfinger

      To eat out in TO is to suffer, except for Gino's Trattoria on Thousand Oaks Blvd. I sadly do not have the address but they're in the phone book, and it's just north (?) of the hwy 23 underpass.

      The owner is from Naples, and it's by far the closest thing to good Italian food I've eaten since I was in Naples three years ago.

      The dishes are simple - pastas, meats and pizza. Everything is delicious. His pizzas taste like pizza -the crust is not overly doughy, but it is not as thin as you could find in Rome or Naples. The pastas are fresh and the meats are tender and juicy.

      Since strawberries are in season, I would believe he'll have a strawberry soup, a rare specialty. He makes his own limoncello and it is fantastic. I have not tried the desserts.

      Since I worked in TO for the Ventura County Star, I would go there occasionally, but I would not drive out there from LA, unless you're in the area.

      Gino is also a really nice guy. Very personable - a true Napolitano.

    2. i
      Ian Schechter

      Try the Landing out in Westlake. A couple of nice restaruants that sit right on the lake.

      1. Well, it's not as bad as Creamfinger says but it's not so great either. I've been working out here for 3 years now and was pretty darn skeptical about the dining scene out here as well but I've finally found several places that keep me happy.

        I have yet to find great Chinese, but Japanese restaurants abound here. So far, I like Agoura Sushi best (on Agoura and Kanan). And, of course, Bristol Farms sushi will work always too.

        For interesting takes on chili, try Cravings on Lindero and Kanan. Great shoestring fries and cornbread too. No, scratch that, it's not great cornbread it's the BEST cornbread anywhere.

        I recently suggested Cafe Provencal (on TO Blvd, right next to the Civic Center) to someone for Mother's Day. I was surprised and delighted to find good French food out here!

        And of course, you are now within close proximity to Saddle Peak Lodge in Malibu (on Piuma off Malibu Canyon Road). A very interesting restaurant that is so un-LA! I had a great Elk entree that I highly recommend.

        If you do a search on these boards for T.O, Westlake Village or Agoura, you'll find a couple of threads. Good luck! And if you find any other gems out here, please post to the board becuase I'm still searching too :)

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        1. re: Macy U.

          That's good advice about Sushi Agoura; I go for lunch about every 2 weeks. They open at 11:45 but a line forms about 11:40 so the smart money arrives at 1l:30. The pompano is delicious with the skin deep fried. Megu doesn't have a formal omakase but will serve you whatever he thinks best together with any of your own requests. Never been for dinner but it's packed at lunchtime.

        2. My favorite sandwich place, SubContractor is on Lindero Canyon. They make the best sub sandwiches. =) Really friendly too.

          I also like La Cupola on the opposite corner of Kanan and Lindero. That place has a very nice eggplant lasagna dish. I'm sure they have other good dishes as well.

          For breakfasts I like Egg's n' Things a lot in Thousand Oaks on Moorpark Road I believe. On weekends, they give you a yummy swedish pancake before your meal. I also like Agoura's Famous Deli on Kanan in Agoura.

          I've heard that Buddha's Dream in Westlake is pretty good and has a nice vibe to it.

          There's also BJ's if you're craving pizza and I heard Piattis on TO Blvd isn't bad but I haven't tried it myself.

          I also like Le Cafe at the Westlake Village Inn. The Inn is so cute and I had a very yummy german apple pancake. They also have very good lox and bagels. =)

          Also, there is Wood Ranch for the tri-tip. =)

          Hope this helps some, I don't think Thousand Oaks is as bad as some make it out to be.

          1. Galletto's is my personal favorite. It's a Brazilian/Italian combo restaurant on Westlake Blvd. It's small but has a nice patio. They serve a great halibut special, and good steak.

            Cravings is unusual for the area but you've got to like gourmet chili or hot dogs to frequent it.

            Cafe Provencal is hit & miss, but it's good when it hits.

            For sushi, I like Hiyama on Skyline (near T.O. Blvd). It has great yellowtail.

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            1. re: David

              I went to Galletto's and tried their Blazirib sandwich. Has anyone ever had this? I thought it had a very funky taste to it. I won't be going back.