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Jul 28, 2008 02:12 PM

Inexpensive Orlando recs for Philly hounds

Hi all,
Two Philly hounds visiting Orlando in December. Hoping to hear your inexpensive must-try recs. Thanks in advance!

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  1. Assuming you have a car, maybe try:
    --Anh Hong for authentic Vietnamese food; corner of Colonial and Mills
    --Tasty Wok, down the block, for Hong Kong-style Chinese
    --Pio Pio, corner of Kirkman and I-Drive, for a great Peruvian chicken dinner
    --Johnson's Diner in Parramore for great soul food
    --Tino's in Winter Garden (Colonial and Dillard, I believe) for cheap great Cuban
    --Willie's, just north of Colonial on the block near KMart and Dodge's Chicken, for ribs (Winter Garden)
    --Bruno's Gourmet Kitchen, Sanford, for cheap amazing French lunches (only two hot items served a day)
    --Spice Cafe, Sand Lake and Dr. Phillips, for surprisingly good fast food-style Indian

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    1. re: rudykins

      I definitely second the Tasty Wok recommendation! One of my familiy's favorite spots.

      1. re: jadea3

        As a first time visitor to Tasty Wok, what dish(es) are not to be missed and recommended by you. Thanks,

        1. re: lauderdale75

          That's a tougher question that you'd think. I'm not sure I ever ordered the same thing twice. Although it's not on the menu, you can ask for sauteed chinese broccoli with garlic; it's superb. Beef chow fun, scallion pancakes, anything with barbecued meats ... . All simple familiar items, but they're done well here. This place is not fancy; do not expect atmosphere.

          1. re: rudykins

            Thanks. I see the place nearly every time I go to the Publix next door so I understand what you mean about "atmosphere." I''ll seek out your recommendations above and also encourage anyone else to chime in with his or her favorites.

            To the OP - my picks for "cheap eats" include: Brazas Chicken (Pollo?) located on South Orange Ave, Numero Uno (Cuban) on S. Orange as well, Taqueria Ameca Jalisco (tacos) at 4400 S. Orange Blossom Trail.

      2. re: rudykins

        I 2nd Pio Pio, but the Semoran location. One of the things I like about Orlando (and there isn't much I like :-( ) is the Latin la braza style chicken joints. The Semoran location is convenient to the airport (MCO).

        The Matador is the family style offering that has everything - chicken, green and ripe plantains, rice, beans, salad, sauces, and the inexplicable fries and dogs. The fresh juices are excellent. Pina Colada and Mango were our choices.

        I also like La Brazas on Orange. They were playing an ABBA music video DVD. Can't beat drinking ChiCha to the sounds of bloody Abba.

      3. I went to Disney last week with the family. We went to a small chain restaurant Seasons 52. Honestly I loved it. They are known for their seasonal menu, hence the name, seafoods, and the fact that every item on the menu is under 425 calories. By no means is it a gourmet or fine dining establishment, but more along the lines of an upscale Houston's.

        They have about 75 wines by the glass, which amazes me. It's not very kid friendly; no crayons or activities for toddlers. Highly recommended.