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Jul 28, 2008 02:05 PM

what's your take on business lunch meals??

My gf and I will be planning our first trip to europe end of september. We love eating, however, it'll be impossible for us to afford any place that is 2 stars and up for dinner. After perusing the michelin online guide, I saw that a lot of the restaurants do offer business weekday lunch menus (~$40-90Euro per person). Since we can only be in Paris during weekdays and neither of us can consume large amount of food in one sitting, we figured that the business lunch menu will be the way to go. Before going ahead with the reservation, I am hoping that some of the questions can be resolved.

1) how's the quality for business lunch menu vs regular tasting menu?
2) Will dress code be enforced during lunch?
3) Any recommendations for the weekday tasting menu?

Thanks a lot in advance!

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  1. 1) I'm not sure what Michelin means by a business weekday lunch menu; perhaps they mean a prix fixe. They also could mean lunches that fall under the food vouchers that many companies give their employees. In any case, I have never seen any difference in quality.
    2) the French dress nicely; at least business casual, with a sweater over a dress shirt, or a suit, especially in the fall. They tend to dress up more than Americans.
    3) that's an awfully broad question, no real idea what you mean.

    1. In many restaurants, lunch menus (meaning prix fixe) are a more affordable way to enjoy them. In some however, they are subpar. Usually you should not expect the lunch menu in starred restaurant to be significantly lighter. Now there have been quite a few topic on this matter so I'll just list some good lunch deals and refer you to older threads for details: Savoy, l'Arpège, Gérard Besson, La Table de Joel Robuchon, Michel Rostang, Le Paris, Ledoyen, Pierre Gagnaire, La Grande Cascade, Lasserre

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        I tried to look up some of the lunch business menu, but most restaurant do not post the price nor the options online. Is it because most restaurant change their menus daily/weekly? Will reservation also be required for business lunch menu? If so, how early should I be booking them for 1-2 star restaurants?

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          reservation required, it's never too early (or they'll tell you when to call back), price"s and phone numbers can be found on