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Jul 28, 2008 02:03 PM

Circulon Premier Professional Set

Anyone have any comments/experiences on the Circulon Premier Professional 11-Piece Hard Anodized set from Costco? It's on sale this week for $159.99 w/ a coupon -- seems like a good deal.

Covered 2qt saucepan
Covered 3qt saucepan
Covered 8qt stockpot
Covered 5qt saute
8.5" skillet
10' skillet
12" skillet


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  1. I bought the premier line few days ago. The shape of the cookware is different from the commercial line ( the one I have used before)available at Macys. I called circulon and they said it is the same quality and is also dishwasher safe! Will have to cook with it and will let you know. Anybody else with other feedback.

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      Yeah, I called them after not finding a lot of info on the net -- Circulon said anything sold at Costco is exclusive to Costco and the person I spoke to also said it'd be oven-safe(?). Please let me know what you think since the coupon expires this weekend!

    2. I just bought the Costco set and was told that I could buy it and use it to decide if I liked it or not. Costco will refund 100% as long as you have the box and receipt. The customer service lady said it could be returned next week, next year or in 4 years ... didn't matter. I am going to use it and decide, but for the price it's a great deal!! In response to zestoflife, it IS oven-safe up to 400 degrees. Hope that helps someone.

      1. Hi this cookware is on sale again at Costco and I was wondering if you bought it and what you thought about it. I can not make up my mind if I should purchase it or go with the Kirkland Signature at Costco that Consumer Reports lists as a best buy.

        1. The link has no information. If it's the all no-stick I'd strongly advise against. Otherwise, it looks like a good assortment of useful sizes.

          1. This cookware is an excellent buy at $159. If you look at the Circulon web site, you can see how they came up with this "value bundle". The bodies of the pots and pans themselves are like the Infinite Circulon (Infinite and the Costco "Premier" are both dishwasher safe! -- the only hard anodized sets to make that claim, but I hand wash mine anyway). But the handles and lids are like Circulon Elite -- they are tempered glass with silicon handles, while the Infinite is clad stainless steel. Will they outlast my All Clads? Probably not, but at $160, I'll let my wife use them too. (She's not touching my All Clads!) I use my All Clads for serious cooking, but I use my Circulon's for my everyday cooking. They are the hands-down the best non-stick pans I have ever used.