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Jul 28, 2008 01:43 PM

Best of Seattle - Help

Hello everyone - I'm coming for a visit in a few weeks and have done a little research into restaurants I'd be interested in going to. I have a list of about 20. I'd like your help in narrowing it down. Please provide any info that would persuade me to go or dissuade me to go to any of these places. Feel free to add any places that should not be missed. By the way - I'm coming from NYC ----if that makes a difference. I'm not a picky eater - just looking for amazing food. Please help! THANKS!

Matt's on the Market
Cafe Juanita
Sitka & Spruce
Boat Street Cafe
How to Cook a Wolf
Tom Douglas Restaurants?

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  1. Here are some of my opinions on your list (which I think is a great list btw):

    Crush - in my top 5 meals of the year (great 3 course tasting menu - dessert not included)
    Tilth - IMO they are losing their edge a bit; not as inspired/interesting as it was earlier
    Cafe Juanita - top 5 meal of the year (amazing risotto, excellent octopus, braised rabbit - yum; not wonderful ambiance, but i actually forgot once i started eating)
    Mistral - CLOSED
    May - i don't think it's worth visiting on a few day stay in seattle. good thai food, bad atmosphere IMO
    Salumi - you need to eat lunch, right? then this absolutely should be on your list
    Monsoon - haven't been in a year, but love it. best if you have a few ppl so you can do family style IMO. not only excellent food, but wonderful wine list
    Tom Douglas Restaurants? - if you're in a casual/fancy comfort food mood, i'd recommend Palace Kitchen. I always enjoy my experience every time I go.

    1. John, Each year the Seattle Chowhounds take a formal poll and for the last two years Harvest Vine has been the number one local Chowhound destination. I recommend it highly. From your list, I would not miss Salumi, Palace Kitchen (Tom Douglas), Quinns, Maneki and Matt's at the Market. Canlis would not be on the radar in NYC and shouldn't be here either. I have not experienced How to Cook a Wolf yet, but remember, you live in a city that has a Little Italy, Seattle not so much.

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      1. re: Leper

        Where/when is the formal poll?

        1. re: cscsman

          One of the local Chowounds asks each Seattle area Chowhound to list their 10 favorite restaurants. He then compiles the total number of restaurants selected. Last year they were:
          1. Harvest Vine
          2. Lark
          3. Union
          4. Salumi
          5. Volterra
          6. Boat Street
          7. Mistral (now closed)
          8. Tamarind Tree
          9. La Carta Oaxaca
          10. Paseo
          11. Sitka & Spruce
          12. Restaurant Zoe
          13. Cafe Press
          14. Crow
          15. Cfe Campagne
          16. Le Courmand
          17. Palace Kitchen
          18. Seven Stars Pepper
          19. Tilth
          20. Szechuan Chef
          21. Matt's at the Market
          22. Cafe Juanita

          Total number of votes equals the final position/tally.

          1. re: Glassman

            no! I was so excited to see his list. Finally, someone who didn't want to go to Harvest Vine. IMO, Harvest Vine should not be on a one time list. Service is extremely hit or miss if it's a good night, and the food is just ok. Matt's and How to Cook a Wolf would be my top choices for dinner on your list, johnsofats. Canlis for drinks/HH for the view, and (if i can add) 35th St. Bistro for lunch.

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              Thanks for posting this Glassman. My husband and I visited Seattle from Los Angeles last week and truly enjoyed the city to the fullest. You guys are certainly blessed with some fine establishments that we don't have down here. Lark was pretty darn nice but our favorite had to be Harvest Vine. The staff was wonderful to us and the food was fantastic. We loved it so much that we ate there twice for dinner during our mini vacation. We can't wait to go back. Thanks again.

        2. i would agree with most of what Dylinw and Leper said, except that if you are short on time, i would skip Japanese and Italian food here, coming from NYC

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            I know some people like Maneki and I know it won the James Beard Classics Award, but you can do much better, especially in NYC.

          2. It's been quite some time since I have lived in Seattle, but I was back there September of last year. I have always enjoyed Wild Ginger. A former Chef I used to work for Alvin Binuya has an amazing restaurant on Bainbridge Island called Madoka. He really focuses on local and sustainable products in a Pan Asian style. It's just a ferrys ride away from the Seattle waterfront.

            1. It is a great time of year to visit with the abundance of great produce and summer flavors. Of your list I'd say the not to miss places are:

              Cafe Juanita-Best restaurant in the Seattle
              Sitka and Spruce or Corson Building if you like communal dining

              I'll add the Harvest Vine, SanBar for bistro/cocktails, Txori for a snack, Besalu for croissants, and Momofuku for steamed buns, oh yeah thats NY.

              I think Crush is heavy handed and overrated.

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              1. re: rosesarefree

                Thanks for everyone's help so far! Keep it coming! I'd like as much input as possible to make an informed decision!

                Is there any way I could get a hold of the chowhound list that you all compiled?