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Giant platter of ooey gooey nachos

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Fully loaded. Siste'r request of me. She's not too worried about authenticity, but we both want good flacor. Any place with interesting toppings? I remember Gold spoke of "middle easter nachos" once. ANyone know what I am referring to? I forget where...

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  1. So glad you added the specific nachos search to your naughty food quest. I'd been wanting to ask this after reading your NF post. Nachos rule! But I can't think of LA great ones I've had because I've been too "good". Had them at Lula's the other night to try to start indulging in them, good because it's really hard to make a bad nacho, but nothing to write home about.

    1. I've got no idea what Gold was referring to, but I saw the nachos at Loteria the other day and they seemed sufficiently ooey and gooey.

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        Yes, Loteria's are good (though the cheese is occasionally undercooked). Their queso fundido is even better, if you like to take your cheese in that way.

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          If queso fundido is your thing, then you definitely need to try the version at Monte Alban.

        1. Had the Buffalo Chicken Nachos at Wingnuts (a few locations in orange county, not sure about LA) last night for the first time, and they were pretty gooey and tasty. Might be what you are looking for: Tri-colored tortilla chips topped with jack and cheddar cheese, jalapenos, tomato, green onions, and chunks of battered fried chicken coated w/ a buffalo wing sauce. comes with a side of ranch for dipping.

          1. I don't think authenticity is ever much of a concern for nachos. If I remember correctly, they were invented in a Mexican border town, but to serve to white people because they figured they wouldn't know any better.

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              I think you're right, and I don't want to know any better!

            2. They have good nachos at Ye Rustic Inn, in Los Feliz.

              Ye Rustic Inn
              1831 Hillhurst Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90027

              1. Tony P's in the Marina serves great nachos for the discriminating gringo.

                1. ANyone know of anywhere closer to west side or SFV...maybe Pasadena or between there and the SFV?

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                    The last entry on the thread that was linked is the best -- the Carnitas Michaocan on North Broadway above Chinatown at 19th. Inexpensive, generous, topped with meat (you'll be tempted by their carne asada but get the al pastor, sliced from a rotisserie spit), and most important of all, the best salsa roja in all of SoCal.

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                      OK, I know I'm going to get stoned for this.


                      $5 gets you an ENORMOUS pile of nachos... and they're actually really good.

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                        Getting stoned is probably what a lot of people do before they have nachos...

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                          well, not me, but I can see how it would work. No judgement, just not my thing.

                          Then, one wants to be hungry before embarking on nacho nirvana

                    2. Juquila. Really good chips, made fresh I think. Topped with *black mole*, and sour cream and guac and jalapenos. And chicken, if you wish. I suggest the chicken. baked so the black mole sinks into the chips. I have no idea if it's authentic. I suspect it's not. But it's fantastic. Black mole baked into chips: GOOD.

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                        oooh, notif you're allergic to nuts it isn't! But thanks for the rec, I bet they're scrummy yummy!

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                          ooh, the nacho's at juquila sounds tasty and they are walking distance from my house! woot! score and score!

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                            Try Don Antonio's on Pico near Barrington in W. LA. They do good gooey grub.

                        2. Some of the best nachos I've had in L.A is at MexiCali grill---they are great with chicken. I get the small appetizer plate and still can't finish them!

                          1. hands down loteria. get them with the shredded beef and be sure to get plenty of hot sauce on the side. the small is big, the large will kill you. as might the $15 price.

                            1. Also, for those who live in OC -- Alerto's (notice that I did not say Alberto's) is where you go to get a half-order of carne asada (or carnitas) nachos.

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                                2nd Alerto's, definitely only half order and not a full order.

                                The LA equivelent would be Chano's. Order of nachos no beans for great success.

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                                  That's the dirty secret -- the half-order and the full order are the same size.

                              2. along with great margaritas, la cabana on rose at lincoln has great nachos.

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                                  Are they big, and ooey gooey? (nachos, not the margaritas)

                                2. Well, now, my homebody sister has announced she can't leave the SFV. *sigh* *eye roll*. She is so timid sometimes!

                                  Any help on super SFV nachos?

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                                    Fuddruckers. In Burbank. If they're not ooey-gooey enough for you you can add as much nacho cheese as you like from the dispensers by the condiments.

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                                      My Taco has the best nachos. Their small is a large, guaranteed. Also they use the gooey movie theater cheese and they are generous on toppings. The salsa bar lets you pile on the best tasting salsas available.

                                      6300 York Blvd Ste 4
                                      Los Angeles, CA 90042

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                                        that's always been the only reason why i've liked fuddruckers... the do-it-yourself nacho cheese dispensers. for some reason, that bright orange liquid cheese is so tasty when you're in the mood for it!

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                                          I was beginning to wonder if gooey is equal to velveeta like sauce, or just piles of monterey jack or something.

                                    2. Second my recommendation for Mexicali in Studio City----in SFV and fits your criteria!